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Clarification to AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

This information was revalidated January 2005.


1. When soldiers are fully eligible, promotions to PV2, PFC and SPC will be made automatically (IAW by the TAPDB for posting to the SIDPERS Personnel File (SPF) and the Master Military Pay File (MMPF).

a. If the commander elects not to recommend a soldier for promotion on the projected date of automatic promotion, a DA Form 4187 must be prepared no later than (NLT) than the 20th of the month, preceding the month of promotion. Forward two copies of the DA Form 4187 (1-promotions Work Center, 1-MPRJ) to the local Personnel Service Battalion (PSB) with the monthly AAA-117 and AAA-119 reports.

b. The DA Form 4187 will be used (in lieu of DA Form 268) by the BnS1/PAC to initiate a flag transaction, using “PA” as the Reason/Report Code to input the transaction into SIDPERS. This transaction will prevent the automatic promotion. The flag must be closed using Reason/Report Code “PD” (not “PE”), NLT the second working day following the date the soldier was first fully eligible for automatic promotion.

c. Soldiers flagged IAW AR 600-8-2 or barred at the date when fully eligible for automatic promotion, require a DA Form 4187 and the submission of a SIDPERS grade change (GRCH) transaction to be promoted.

2. Instructions for completing DA Form 3355 for soldiers fully eligible but not recommended by unit commander (IAW AR 600-8-19, paragraph 3-12h):

a. General information.

(1) Item 1. Type: Place a check mark in the initial block.

(2) Item 2. Date: Enter date (YYYYMMDD).

(3) Item 3. Name: Enter last name, first name, middle initial (or NMI if none).

(4) Item 4. Social security number: Enter complete social security number.

(5) Item 5. Recommended grade: Enter promotion grade.

(6) Item 6. Current organization: Enter organization recommending soldier for promotion.

(7) Item 7. PMOS: Enter promotion MOS. Must be soldier’s PMOS or career progression MOS.

b. Section A. Recommendation. (Insert the words YES/NO and circle the word No)

(1) Item 1. Military Training.

(a) Items 1a through 1c. Army Physical Fitness Test. Enter the latest APFT date and score as required. Award the appropriate number of promotion points from the APFT scale in this regulation. (See Table 3-21)

(b) Items 1d through 1g. Weapon qualification. Enter the latest weapon qualification date, score card used, and the total number of hits. Award the appropriate number of promotion points from the weapons qualification scale.

(c) Item 1h. Total points for military training. Add items 1c and 1g, enter total score.

(2) Items 2a through 2f. Duty Performance Evaluation. BLANK

(3) Items 3 through 5. Self-explanatory. A complete date must be entered where required (YYYYMMDD).

c. Sections B through C. BLANK (DA Form 3355 for soldiers “not” recommended, will not be forwarded to the PSB)

d. Section D. Certification.

(1) Items 1 through 5. BLANK

(2) Items 6 through 8.

(a) If the promotion authority concurs with the non-recommendation, he or she will authenticate items 6 through 8. The words “I certify that the soldier has been recommended for promotion by a valid promotion board” will be lined out and initialed. The words “Not Recommended” will be inserted in its place. The DA Form 3355 will be returned to the unit commander.

(b) If the promotion authority non-concurs with the non-recommendation, he or she will in Section A (heading), line-out the unit commander’s “No”, circle the word “Yes”, initial and complete items 2a through 2f awarding 1 to 30 points in each category. Additionally, add an enclosure to clarify nonconcurrence and subsequent recommendation for promotion. The DA Form 3355 will be forwarded to the PSB as a recommendation (IAW paragraph 3-14).

(3) Items 9 through 11. BLANK To be completed only when soldier appears before board and is not recommended (This does not fulfill the requirements of AR 600-8-19, paragraph 1-26).

e. Once a soldier has “not” been recommended for promotion and counseled, the BnS1/PAC will NOT continue to provide a DA Form 3355 to the unit commander. However, the unit commander must forward copies of the soldier’s periodic counseling (at least quarterly) to the BnS1/PAC for review by the promotion authority. The DA Form 3355 for soldiers “not” recommended and counseling will be filed at the local promotion authority level and will not be forwarded to the PSB.

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