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Leaves and Passes

Created by: Team Quinstreet
Posted : Wednesday July 06, 2011

» Advance Leave
Rules to request advance leave, Steps to request advance leave

» AR 600-8-10

» Determining Chargeable or Nonchargeable Absence for Public Holidays
Rules and steps for determining chargeable or nonchargeable absence for public holidays

» Transition Leave
Transition leave was formerly called terminal leave. Rules used to request and steps to request transition leave.

» Using Convalescent Leave
Rules and Steps to use convalescent leave

» Rest and Recuperation (R&R Leave) for designated areas
Rest and recuperation is a chargeable leave program that authorizes use of ordinary leave to allow soldiers leave away from hostile fire and imminent danger areas

» Sample of Completed DA Form 31

» Policy for Leave
Military requirement for leave, Annual leave program, Leave Accrual Policy, Payment of accrued leave

» Requesting Pregnancy Home Leave
Rules and steps to request pregnancy home leave