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Camo and Concealment

» FM 20-3

» Techniques of employing Camouflage, Cover and Concealment (CCD)
Hiding, blending, disguising, disrupting, and decoying

» Lightweight Camouflage Screen System

» Camouflage, concealment and decoys discipline
CCD discipline is avoiding an activity that changes the appearance of an area or reveals the presence of military equipment.

» Applying recognition factors when camouflaging
Reflectance, Shape, Shadow, Movement, Noise, Texture and Patters

» Individual Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys
Each soldier is responsible for camouflaging himself, his equipment, and his position.

» Site Selection when incorporating camouflage, concealment and decoys
Explains the factors that govern site selection

» Personal Camouflage from FM 21-76

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