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Prep for Basic Training

The Prep For Basic Training Section is an online resource for those
that are preparing to attend U.S. Army Basic

Don’t go to basic unprepared.  If you are currently enrolled in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), you are highly encouraged to take advantage of thet training and knowledge offered by the highly qualified Noncommissioned Officers involved in that program along with taking the time to prepare on your own time by studying the information contained within these pages. 

Basic Training Timeline:
Click on a week below to view more information about what to expect at that time.
Customs and Courtesies:
As a new Soldier you will have a lot to learn about the Customs and courtesies of the U.S. Army.  Military courtesy can be defined as the respect that Soldiers show another.
Soldier Benefits:
Besides free healthcare, great pay, a stable job that can easily turn into a rewarding career, access to the Post Exchange (PX) and Commissary, Gyms all over the place that rival the commercial gyms available, Money for College (while you are in the Army AND after you get out),Free Housing, and the pride of wearing the Army uniform?  What else would you want to know.  To learn a little more click the link below.  To ask Soldiers that are serving in the Army right now, go to our community and visit the Basic Training area [here].
Information to help you improve your push-ups, sit-ups and run time.   Also, contains information about the 1-1-1 Physical Fitness Test.
Drill and Ceremony:
Still working on your position of attention, your facing movements and you steps and marching, don’t worry, the information below will help you get a great head start before shipping out.
Articles about Basic:
Below are some articles selected because of their uefullness while preparing for U.S. Army Basic Training.  Reading over the articles will give you a basic understanding of what you may expect when you hit the ground running at Basic. 

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