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Land Navigation

» Different Types of Maps Explained
Types of regular maps and also map substitutes

» Setting up a land navigation course land navigation course
Basic guidelines to use when setting up a land navigation course

» Measure Distance
Measure distance on a military map using ruler or paper and the bar scales

» FM 3-25.26

» Night Navigation
Darkness presents its own characteristics for land navigation because of limited or no visibility.

» How to slit and fold a map for special use
Before attempting to cut and fold a map, make a practice cut and fold with a piece of paper

» Identify Major / Minor Terrain Features
Hill, Ridge, Valley, Saddle, Depression, Draw, Spur and Cliff

» Grid Coordinates
Finding your location on a map using grid coordinates

» Mounted Land Navigation
A vehicle commander should be able to navigate from one point on the ground to another with or without a compass.

» Field-Expedient Methods of Determining Direction
When a compass is not available, different techniques may be used to determine the four cardinal directions.

» Marginal information found on a military map
The marginal information and symbols is where useful information telling about the map is located and explained

» How to use pace count to measure ground distance
A pace is equal to one natural step, about 30 inches long.

» Find Your Location Using Resection

» Map Folding Techniques
Two different ways to fold a military map

» Find a location using Intersection