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» Five Major Assemblies of the MK19
The MK 19 is an air-cooled, blowback-operated machine gun with five major assemblies.

» MK 19 Firing Positions
Use the basic sitting, standing, and kneeling positions during training and range firing of the MK 19.

» Proper clearing procedures for the MK19
Clearing procedures for both firing and non-firing situations

» MK-19 equipment information

» Destruction methods authorized for the MK19
Mechanical, Burning, Gun fire, Demolition and Disposal Method explained

» Photos of the MK19

» MK19 Fighting Position Layout
A fighting position is dug when the unit has time to prepare it or is in a defensive position.

» Traverse Bar and T&E Mechanism
Use the T&E mechanism to engage preselected target areas at night or during degraded light conditions. Record direction and elevation readings from the traversing bar and T&E mechanism. Record all readings in mils.

» MK19 Observers Checklist

» Zero the Traversing and Elevation Mechanism (T&E Mechanism)
When mounting the MK 19 on an M3 Tripod the following steps should be used to properly zero the T&E