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What Documents Can And Cannot Be Filed In Your OMPF

The purpose of this easy-to-read list is to provide you with a reference of those documents that can or cannot be filed on your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and that are typically found in active duty enlisted files. For a more complete listing of authorized documents view AR 600-8-104.


Performance Section

* Evaluation reports (EER/NCO-ER, DA Form 2166-series).

* Academic Evaluation Reports (AER), DA Form 1059.

Education and Training Section

* Official College Transcripts (with Registrar’s signature and school seal visible).

* Military Correspondence Course Completion Certificates. For example: The Army
Institute for Professional Development (i.e., “Certificate of Completion”).

* Departments of the Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps Training Certificates.

* Naval Correspondence Course Completion Certificate, (i.e., Mathematics Part I).

* U.S. Air Force Correspondence Course Completion Certificate (i.e., Crisis Response

* (Military Course Completion) Certificates (issuing school must be listed in DA Pam
351-4. For example:

– U.S. Army Signal School.

– U.S. Army Intelligence Center & School.

– U.S. Army Training Center, Ft. Leonard Wood.

– NCO Academy (Field Artillery, Ordinance, Infantry, etc.).

Commendatory Section

* Award Orders for Good Conduct Medal, Air Assault Badge, Airborne Badge,
Driver’s Badge, Diving Badge, etc.

* Award Certificates for Meritorious and Valor Medals (DA Form 638’s are not authorized for filing unless the award was downgraded or disapproved).

* Certificates of Achievement, Appreciation or Commendation.

Disciplinary Section

* Article 15 (directed for filing on the Performance fiche).

* General Officer Letters/Memorandum of Reprimand (directed for filing on the OMPF).

* Court Martial Orders (where found guilty of at least one charge).

Service Section

* Enlistment Contract.

* Reenlistment Contracts.

* Extensions of Enlistment, waivers of enlistment or reenlistment contracts &
Declination of Continued Service Statement.

* Promotion Orders.

* DD 214 (if prior service).

General Administrative Section

* Classified Nondisclosure Statements.

* Name Change Authorizations.


Restricted Section

* Article 15 directed for filing on the Restricted fiche.

* Court Martial Orders (when found not guilty of all charges).

* Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) correspondence.

* Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report Appeal correspondence.

* Other historical documents as required by regulation.


The following are examples of documents that are routinely sent to EREC but are NOT AUTHORIZED for filing on the OMPF.

* Certificates of training not listed in DA Pam 351-4.

* ITC Training and German Headstart.

* Time Management Course.

* Stress Management Course.

* Counseling Techniques Course.

* Unit Awards (these are posted to your ERB and DA Form 2-1i.e., Army Superior Unit
Award. Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Valorous Unit Award).

* Orders awarding or changing an MOS or skill identifier.

* Illegible documents.

* Individual college grade reports.

* Subcourse completion notices.

* Scrolls of appreciation.

* CLEP test results.

* Regimental affiliations, for example:

– Order of the Spur.

– Samuel Sharpe Award.

– Order of Saint Barbara.

– Horatio Gates Award.

* Audie Murphy and Sergeant Morales Club Induction Certificates.

* Certificates of Participation, Recognition or Athletic Achievement.

* GT score results.

* APFT score cards.

* Student agreements.

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