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» Inspecting the M136 AT4
There are 11 steps to inspecting the M136 AT-4

» M13 AT4 Operation
Cradle position, removing the transport safety pin, unsnapping the shoulder stop, opening and adjusting the sights, cocking and firing the launcher

» AT4 equipment information

» Effects of the M136 AT4 and M72-series LAW on field fortifications or bunkers
Alternatives to give temporary advantages against field fortifications and buildings

» Weapons Clearing Barrel Procedures
Clearing Barrel Procedures for the M16, M4, M9, M249, M240B, M60

» Marksmanship fundamentals for the M136 AT4
The factors for the M136 AT4 are grouped into four basic areas known as marksmanship fundamentals: steady hold, aiming procedures, breath control, and trigger manipulation.

» M13 AT4 Sights
Front sight, rear sight and night sight

» Photos of the AT4

» M13 AT4 Firing Mechanism, Safeties and Weapon Function
The weapon cannot be fired until all three safeties have been disengaged.

» Firing Positions for the M136 AT4
The weapon can be fired from all four of the basic firing positions; individual physique determines exact body and hand positions.

» Misfire procedures for the M136 AT4
Causes and procedures for both a combat and a training environment

» Restoring the AT4 to carrying configuration
If the launcher is prepared to fire, but then is not fired, it must be taken out of operation