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» Da Form 4856
Developmental Counseling Form (MS Word)

» Effective Army Counseling Programs
Four elements are essential to the creation of an effective counseling program

» How To Counsel

» Template Example for Event Oriented Counseling
DA Form 4856 Event Oriented Counseling Example Template

» Reception and Integration Counseling Points
Reception and integration counseling should begin immediately upon arrival so new team members can quickly become integrated into the organization

» Template Example for Performance / Professional Growth Counseling
DA Form 4856 Performance / Professional Growth Counseling Example Template

» Agencies commonly utilized in counseling
List of agencies and a brief overview of what they can provide.

» The Counseling Process
Effective leaders use the four stage counseling process

» Counseling quick reference
Keep this quick reference to use whenever counseling Soldiers or civilian team members.

» Guidelines on completing a DA Form 4856
Guidelines on completing a DA Form 4856

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