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Cleaning, Lubrication and Preventive Maintenance of Hand Grenades

Hand grenades must be inspected and cleaned weekly when exposed to the environment.

Hand grenades must be inspected and cleaned weekly when exposed to the environment. The body of the hand grenade is made of metal, which rusts when it is exposed to moisture or submerged in water. If not removed, dirt or rust can cause the hand grenade to malfunction.

  1. Cleaning. Wipe the dirt off the body of the hand grenade using a slightly damp cloth or a light brush. For the fuse head, a light brush is recommended because it can reach into the crevices.
  2. Lubrication. Depending on weather conditions, a light coat of CLP may be needed.
  3. Preventive Maintenance. For most hand grenades, keeping them clean and lubricated is sufficient maintenance. With the M69 practice grenade, however, maintenance is more difficult because the grenade bodies are used repeatedly. The M69 practice grenade must be cleaned with a wire brush and painted at least quarterly. The threads must be cleaned with a wire brush on a monthly basis, and fuse residue must be removed from the body immediately after each use. Cleaning the threads and removing the residue from the hand grenade body make replacement of the fuses easier. The grenade body lasts longer if these preventive maintenance procedures are performed.

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