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Hand Grenade Gripping Procedures

Gripping procedures for both right an left handed Soldiers per FM 3-23.30

The importance of properly gripping the hand grenade cannot be overemphasized. Soldiers must understand that a grenade not held properly is difficult to arm. Sustainment training is the key to maintaining grip efficiency. Holding the grenade in the throwing hand with the safety lever placed between the first and second joints of the thumb provides safety and throwing efficiency. Gripping procedures differ slightly for right- and left-handed Soldiers:

Right-handed Soldiers hold the grenade upright with the pull ring away from the palm of the throwing hand so that the pull ring can be easily removed by the index or middle finger of the free hand.


Left-handed Soldiers invert the grenade with the fingers and thumb of the throwing hand positioned in the same manner as by right-handed personnel.

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