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Hand Grenade Inspection Procedures

Inspection procedures for newly issued grenades, unpacked grenades and grenades stored on ammunition pouches.

Hand grenades are simple yet powerful weapons used in combat or any training mission. Hand grenades-like any other weapon-must be inspected before use to avoid serious injury or death. The inspection procedures apply to all hand grenades within the U.S. inventory.

  1. Newly Issued Hand Grenades. Use the following inspection procedures for newly issued hand grenades.
    1. Remove the tape and the top cover from the shipping canister.
    2. Look down into the canister; if the hand grenade is upside down, return the canister to the issuing person, noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC), or officer in charge (OIC).
    3. Ensure all required safeties are properly attached to the hand grenade. If a safety pin is missing, return the hand grenade.
    4. Check the hand grenade for rust on the body or the fuse. If rust is found, return the hand grenade.
    5. Check for holes on the body and the fuse. If any holes are visible, return the hand grenade.
    6. If the hand grenade seems to be in order, remove the grenade carefully from the canister and make a visual check for proper fitting of the safety pins. Then, properly secure the grenade to the ammunition pouch.
  2. Unpacked Grenades or Grenades Stored on Ammunition Pouches. Use the following inspection procedures for unpacked grenades or for grenades that are stored on ammunition pouches.
    1. Inspect unpacked or stored grenades daily to ensure safety pins are present. Under hostile conditions, remove the safety clip from fragmentation hand grenades because Soldiers under stressful situations may forget to remove the clip before throwing the grenade.
    2. Check the body for rust or dirt.
    3. Make sure the lever is not broken or bent.

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