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Boot Camp Diary #1

» BCT Day 50
A boring day for me lies ahead. We’re doing nothing but practicing/studying for EOCT. I already know my ****. I pay attention in class and I study. With all this practice and time to study we’ve had this week, there’s still going to be people who don’t know a rifle from a grenade. People’s stupidity around testing time never ceases to amaze me.

» Day 8
Welcome to no-sex camp, day eight. Today, I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Guess who that reminded me of.. We finally found out when and where we’re going for BCT. It’s tomorrow and it’s here in Knox.

» BCT Day 17
Today was the first day so far in basic that went at a snail’s pace. It’s only 1500 and I’m ready to go to bed and sleep until tomorrow. The reason why it’s going so slow is that there’s nothing planned on today’s schedule.

» BCT Day 40
There’s not much going on today. We have a class on loyalty later and “post detail” in scheduled almost all day. They asked for five volunteers for it. I have no idea what the non volunteers are doing. I broke my rule of not volunteering for anything in BCT and I became one of the five.

» Day 9 / BCT Day 1
The big day is here. I had to go to the clinic early in the morning because I’m prior TB positive. I had an interview and I got chest X-rays. That took 4 hours. Stupid army.

» BCT Day 49
We’re getting our refitted class A uniforms today. I can’t wait to show it off in just two weeks. That’s right, readers, that’s right. Two weeks exactly until family day.

» BCT Day 51
Last night kicked ass. DS Boston gave us two and a half hours of personal time. He let us go to bed as early as 1930. I had two pairs of boots to shine, but I was sleeping by 2130. I got seven hours of sleep. For being such a hard ass, DS Boston does cool stuff for us. He wanted us to be well rested for this morning’s final PT test of basic.

» BCT Day 35
Here I am, another day at the range. I’m not as freaked out anymore because our D.S. had us do pop-up privates. Privates laid on the ground at different intervals and we got to practice our aim. Plus I found out that we get to shoot over and over on Thursday. You shoot until you make it. I know I can do it. It’s a mental thing.

» BCT Day 54
We’re all set and ready for the next four days. Everyone is complaining about how sore they are from the smoking session two days ago. Believe me, I’m NO exception. I’m more sore than yesterday. Why is it that muscles don’t hurt until a few days after working out?

» BCT Day 38
Ain’t **** happened about my break of integrity. See? Told you I’m paranoid.

» BCT Day 7
Basic training started to get fun today. We went on a teamwork development course where we had to negotiate puzzles as a group. We had to build bridges, carry a dummy over a pit using ropes, scale a wall, and other things.

» BCT Day 41
It was the day I’ve been waiting for, for over six weeks. I blew **** up! I threw a ton of grenades. BOOM! The ground shakes, the shrapnel goes everywhere, you make a freakin’ hole in the ground! I got expert on the grenade qualification course.

» BCT Day 20
I’m so exhausted. We had PT in the morning, a first aid class, and pugil sticks fighting. We learned mouth to mouth resuscitation. I wanted to put some lipstick on my dummy.

» BCT Day 18
Another Sunday. Three down, seven to go. Today is another nothing day like yesterday. I’m gonna go to my religious service later, eat three times, and hope for phone time. And always on Sundays, I got dirty drawers to take care of.

» BCT Day 37
White phase PT test today. I did excellent. I rank #9 in the platoon for high score combining push-ups, sit-ups, and 2-mile run. I did 52 push-ups in 2 mins, 79 sit-ups in 2 mins, and 15:13 for the run. Damn, when I got here, I ran it in almost 20 mins.

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