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General Info

» The Soldier’s Creed / Warrior Ethos / Warrior Creed

» U.S. Army Officer Rank Structure

» Commonly Used Acronyms

» Packing List

» Height Weight Tables for Prior and Non-Prior Service
Shows the maximum weights for males and females by age, height and prior or non-prior service

» Army Song

» Code of Conduct

» Phonetic Alphabet

» Making Sense of Military Dates
The differences between the civilian and military date system

» Chain of Command / NCO Support Channel
List of positions within the Chain of Command and the NCO Support Channel that you should be well aware of while in Basic Combat Training

» Pledge of Allegiance

» 3 General Orders

» Video Tours of the Barracks
Video tours of the Army Barracks where many Soldiers live

» Making Sense of Military Time

» Common Running Cadence

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