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BCT Day 35

Here I am, another day at the range. I’m not as freaked out anymore because our D.S. had us do pop-up privates. Privates laid on the ground at different intervals and we got to practice our aim. Plus I found out that we get to shoot over and over on Thursday. You shoot until you make it. I know I can do it. It’s a mental thing.

The following information is a portion of “Marck’s Boot Camp Diary”. The information contains a straight-forward look at Basic Training Life on a daily basis. The information contained within this page is used with the express written permission of the author. For more information about the author view the “Author’s Information” at the bottom of the page. Some choice phrases have been censored.

August 28th, 2002

Here I am, another day at the range. I’m not as freaked out anymore because our D.S. had us do pop-up privates. Privates laid on the ground at different intervals and we got to practice our aim. Plus I found out that we get to shoot over and over on Thursday. You shoot until you make it. I know I can do it. It’s a mental thing.

Yesterday a lot of **** happened. We were getting smoked because of Wilson, the platoon ****-up, again. This time we had to push, not roll, push gigantic logs on sawdust while on our bellies. Wilson is a ******* retard and we all hate him. He’s always quitting during PT, his bed’s always ****** up, his boots are never clean, he mouths off to DSs, and he doesn’t ******* listen to anybody. The other day, he was the only private without a gas mask. Didn’t it cross his mind that 58 other ************* had theirs? For the **** ups we get smoked daily. The log was too much for one private. He poured a full canteen of water on Wilson’s bed and shook all the sawdust on top. That got us all ******. D.S. took our white phase banner away, gave us 5 minutes to eat dinner, and didn’t let us go to the salad bar. Luckily, today it went back to normal, but we were treated like **** right after the incident.

The company 1st Sergeant gave us a Q & A briefing on graduation. I’m sorry, but I gave you the wrong info, Cendy. It turns out we DO NOT get an overnight pass. We get an on-post pass on family day and have to be back at 2100. Then on grad day, we get an off-post pass and have to be back around 0000, like Cinderella. That came from the 1st Sergeant, so it’s final. Mom and dad, family day info will be sent home on Sept 2nd. It has directions, a map, schedule, and all that. He said to start making reservations now. The info package has a web address to help with hotel reservations. But start now. Go to

I just finished shooting. I shot 19 targets. It’s still not 23, but I’m getting closer each time. Plus, this range is supposedly harder than the one we qualify on tomorrow. I should have it by the end of the day. Must stay positive. Now I sit on the uncomfortable metal bleachers while everybody else shoots. I’ll go again and again until I hit 23. That’s only 4 more targets. These little pocket notebooks are awesome. I’d be having boredom induced brain damage if I wasn’t writing. My main problem today is that the sun is out and I can’t see the freakin’ far away targets. That could’ve been the four I needed right there. I’ll have someone call out the targets. Hopefully it’ll get cloudy. Sigh. I hope for too much.

Today our D.S. told us that when we get back, we’re watching CNN because **** is about to go down with Iraq. I thought all of Europe was against it. I’m worried. They need mechanics down there. Maybe it will be mostly over by January, when I finish AIT. Everytime someone writes me, keep me updated please.

Argh, I was one of the first to shoot. I’ll be here for a couple of hours at least, sitting down, puking out my thoughts. Damn, I should’ve brought my mail so I could reply to people. I can’t wait to go home. All the fun I write about? It’s getting a bit old. I’m worn out. I still have to go to AIT for 12 weeks, but at least it’s not BCT and I’ll come home sometimes. I’m getting more and more homesick. I specially miss my girlfriend’s company.

Oh how I wonder
What she’s doing now
As I march
All day
As I work
All night

This is one of the cadences we sing as we march. It really fits the situation. But I’ll save the I miss yous and I love yous for personal letters. This is meant for a broader audience who wants a no BS personal account of BCT. But I really do miss you, Cendy. I can’t stop thinking about you right now. And mom and dad, and all of my friends…straight from the heart.

God damn, this is boring. Writing is the only thing that will make time go faster. I’m so lonely. I need to qualify on the next turn so I can feel a little bit better in my wretched insides. Just 4 more freakin’ targets. It’s getting cloudy. Eeeeeexcellent.

You might wonder what I eat everyday. Here’s a rundown:
Today’s breakfast: 2 french toast w/syrup, oatmeal w/honey, PB&J sandwich, apple sauce, banana, and milk
Yesterday’s lunch(sack lunch at the range): 2 ham&cheese sandwiches w/mustard, bag of pretzels, OJ, chocolate milk, 4 oreos, and an apple
Two nights ago dinner: mac n cheese, ham&tomato bake garden salad w/ranch, 2 slices of bread&butter, cauliflower, water, jello, and an apple

Do I eat good? Hell yeah, I think so. I eat better than I do at home(sorry mom). On Sundays, you would add cake, pie, cheesecake, cookies, etc because it’s the only day we’re allowed to have sweets. My favorite part is that I can count on pancakes every freakin’ day of the week. And I drink about two 1 quart canteens every day, so I piss a lot. The portions are really small, so the best thing to do is load up on the salad bar. I’m full for a few hours, but I’m usually starving right before chow, as it’s called here.

A D.S. just came to tell us we’re too loud and if we don’t shut up, we’ll have to be standing. Of course, these idiots, or battle *******, don’t listen and they get louder by the minute. I got tired of saying shut the **** up. They look at me with their stupid looks on their faces, shut up for 3 secs, and keep on opening their cum funnels. Good thing we have bullet sounds to drown them out. I’m hungry. 30 minutes until chow and then it’s go time on these targets. They’re gonna wish they never popped their little asses up.

HAHA! I got those little *******. 24 of them. The lieutenant who gave me my score asked me where I’m from. I said, “Chile.” He said, “How do you say qualified in Spanish?” I said, “Calificado, hijo de puta!” He didn’t understand and I was happy. I will have no problem qualifying tomorrow. I feel so confident with Isabella now that I might try to go for a sharpshooter badge. That’s 30 targets. Man, shooting is one of the funnest things I’ve ever done once I relax.

Now I get to sit on the bleachers from hell until everyone’s finished shooting. There are maybe 50 people left who have not met the standard of 23 left. I think I go back to the barracks before them. The people who met the standard the first time already left and are probably watching CNN….No CNN today. It was a lie. Can anybody please tell me what’s going on in the world?

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