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BCT Day 18

Another Sunday. Three down, seven to go. Today is another nothing day like yesterday. I’m gonna go to my religious service later, eat three times, and hope for phone time. And always on Sundays, I got dirty drawers to take care of.

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August 11th, 2002

Another Sunday. Three down, seven to go. Today is another nothing day like yesterday. I’m gonna go to my religious service later, eat three times, and hope for phone time. And always on Sundays, I got dirty drawers to take care of. We’ll also clean the damn floor. How clean can you keep a floor that 61 people walk on like elephants? Exactly. It’s a never-ending process.

They didn’t give out mail last night, so if you wrote to me, cool. If I don’t get mail next time they give it out, you all are in trouble. But I’m sure there’s mail for me waiting to be picked up. Yeah, right.

I got to sleep more today. After breakfast I just went to sleep for an hour and a half. Our drill sergeants are not even here. That’s the first time we could sleep during the day. Kick ass.

I’ve been hearing things about family day and graduation. I heard that we’re not allowed out of Ft. Knox on family day/night(Sept 25th). We’re allowed out after graduation day(Sept 26th) and then we have to return the next morning(Sept 27th) to be shipped out to AIT(Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD for me). But I also heard that we are allowed to leave post on family night(Sept 25th) as long as we come back by 0400 the next day for graduation. The drill sergeants are ******** and don’t talk about graduation at this early stage. I asked one about hotel accommodations and he said, “It’s only the 3rd week, you need to learn how to march first, blah blah blah.” Those aren’t the words because my CRS* is kicking in, but the point is they don’t like to talk about graduation. I also heard that we’re allowed to go home with our family before reporting to AIT. My orders say I have to report on Sept 30th. Hang tight. You’ll get more info when I get it.

We got phone time today. Sort of. As soon as we got to the phones, it started to thunder. And as soon as three sprinkles touched my freshly near shaved head, a drill sergeant told us to go back to the barracks because no one is allowed to use the phones while there’s lightning. ****. I’m looking out the window now that it’s ten minutes later. It’s not even sprinkling. As always, I have to look at the positive side of things before I go crazy.

The positives were:
1) A nice jog to and from the phones
2)I talked to a guy for a minute before they kicked us off the phones who happened to be on his 8th week of basic.

I asked him about family day and he confirmed that we’re not allowed to leave with our families on the night before graduation. We have to wait until the next night. Then again, those words came from the mouth of another private. A big thing in the military is to never believe what another private tells you because they know as much as we do. But he is on his 8th week, so he’d know what’s up right now. For now, expect me to be able to leave Ft. Knox after graduation on Sept 26th, unless I hear something else. Damn it. That sucks. One more night here than I expected.

It stopped “thunderstorming.” We were gonna get a chance to use the phone again, but nooooooo. Some idiot talked during formation, which pissed the D.S. off. Too bad for the two guys who were gonna call their kids on their b-day. You KNOW they were pissed off. We ran a mile and did 75 push ups. It was nothing for me. I’m really getting in shape. I’m eating better than ever before. I eat the **** out of the food pyramid everyday. I don’t eat any junk food and no sweets, mainly because we’re not allowed yet. I’m losing body fat, too. I’m developing a 6-pack, Cendy.

You all lucked out today. I’m in a good mood because I slept for like nine hours. I still don’t have new mail from you though. We’ll see if I can keep my mood up for the rest of the week. A lot of it depends on the people that are far, far away. Wow, four and a half pages. You can tell I’m bored on Sundays.

*=Can’t Remember Shit

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