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BCT Day 38

Ain’t **** happened about my break of integrity. See? Told you I’m paranoid.

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August 31st, 2002

Ain’t **** happened about my break of integrity. See? Told you I’m paranoid.

Today was a break day. We had some good PT in the morning for an hour, then pancakes (one of my favorite parts of the day), then white phase testing. We had to put on our gas mask in 9 secs (harder than it sounds), react to nuclear attack, chemical attack, decontaminate our skin, recognize toxic liquids, and other things. I passed everything.

Then I organized my locker for an inspection that’s coming up and shined both pairs of boots outside by the shade of a tree for two hours. Now I don’t have to use my hour of personal time shining boots for the next two days, which means I’ll probably write in the big notebook more.

Then we had some more PT. Ten laps around the track. I keep hearing stuff about Iraq. Is the US really planning to go against them without support from NATO? Someone fill me in.

Tomorrow is Sunday! Woo Hoo! Four more to go. I doubt we’ll get a phone call since our main D.S. is pissed at us because “we don’t have fortitude.” Waa Waa Waa. Four more weeks of this bull****. Damn four day weekend. We don’t get mail until Tuesday.

My platoon has been going to hell today lately. It’s all the DS’s fault. He changed all the leadership roles. We had a great platoon guide (PG). He’s prior service Air Force, 24 years old, and plans to be an army warrant officer. He is cool as **** and kept us pretty tight. His name’s Webster. About a week ago, for NO apparent reason, they replaced him with this shy 18 year old kid named Boyd only because Boyd got a really high score on the previous PT test. Ever since then, the barracks look like shit, we’ve had a couple of almost fights, and D.S. Boston hates us and constantly threatens to “smoke the dog ****” out of us. Everything in BCT is done for a reason, but Webster was the best person for the job. Boyd doesn’t know ****. I’d make a better PG than him, so would over half the platoon. I am at a loss to figure out the reason for the change. No blue phase today. Damn.

Well, I’ll write more tomorrow, of course. I’m off to get 7 hours of Saturday night sleep. 26 more days. Blue phase starts next week. 19 more days of actual training and 7 of graduation prep.

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