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NCO-ER Bullet Examples and Explanations

What Your Rating Means

Part IVa – NCO Values:

Values are what soldiers, as a profession, judge to be right. They are the moral, ethical and professional attributes of character. Values are the heart and soul of a great Army.

The rater will answer each question by placing an “X” in either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box. Bullets comments are used to explain any area where the rated NCO is particularly strong or needs improvement. Bullet comments are mandatory for a ‘no’ rating and must be specific.

Parts IVb-f – NCO Responsibilities:

Excellence rating means the NCO clearly exceeds standards and is better than most others. Excellence is demonstrated by specific examples and measurable results; it is special and unusual and achieved by only a few.

Success rating indicates the NCO meets all standards. The majority of ratings will fall into this category. It indicates that the NCO is fully competitive for schooling and promotion. The goal of NCO counseling is to bring all NCOs to this level.

Needs Improvement rating is used to indicate some weakness. It means the NCO has missed meeting some standards.

Part Va – Potential (Rater’s Portion):

Among the Best rating represents the NCO who meets or exceeds all standards. It means the NCO is strongly recommended for promotion.

Fully Capable indicates the NCO meets all standards and is recommended for promotion.

Marginal represents the NCO who has demonstrated poor performance, failed to meet one of more standards and should not be promoted at this time.

Special Note: NCOs who received one or more ‘needs improvement’ rating in parts IVb-f cannot receive a rating of ‘among the best’; however, NCOs receiving all ‘success’ ratings may receive a rating of ‘among the best’ or ‘fully capable.’

Part Vb – Positions in which rated NCO could best serve the Army at his/her current or next grade:

The rater lists up to three (at least two) different duty position in which the rated NCO could best serve the Army at the current or next grade. Past selection boards have identified this area as a useful tool in evaluating the capability of the NCO to perform in positions of progressive responsibility. The requirement is for the current or next grade; therefore, do not recommend a SSG to serve as a 1SG or a SGT to serve in a position normally identified for junior enlisted soldiers. The recommended positions should coincide with the NCO’s overall rating. For example, a SSG who receives a ‘marginal’ rating based on poor leadership skills should not be recommended to serve in a higher leadership position such as platoon sergeant or section chief.

Parts Vc and d – Overall Performance/Potential (Senior Rater)

Success/Superior a “1” or “2” rating represents a very good, solid performance and is a strong recommendation for promotion. As a general rule, the 1-3 ratings are interpreted as this:

“1” = cream of the crop; promote immediately;

“2” = a solid citizen; strong recommendation for promotion;

“3” = a good performance; promote if allocations allow

Fair a “4” rating represents NCOs who may require additional training/observation and should not be promoted at this time.

Poor a “5” rating represents NCOs who are weak or deficient and, in the opinion of the senior rater, need significant improvement or training in one or more areas. These NCO should not be considered for promotion and may be considered for denial of continued service under the Qualitative Management Program.




  • responsible for the operational readiness rate average of 96 per cent for ten consecutive months (success)

  • received a 100 per cent rating from the command inspection program. (excellence)

  • awarded the region commander’s coin for winning the resource and cadet management award (excellence)

  • totally committed to quality control of awards, NCO-ERs & OERs, none late or returned utilizing expertise (success)

  • successfully completed 25 semester hours of college with a GPA of 3.75 (success)

  • selected to train unit commanders and 1SGs on personnel procedures and policies (success)

  • improved PSB processing rate from 75 per cent to 96 per cent by conducting SIDPERS related training for PSB personnel (excellence)

  • responsible for seven out of nine mechanics receiving their mechanics’ badge (excellence)

  • improved the processing rate of pay actions from 65 per cent to 94 per cent in less than three months (excellence)

  • completed the battalion’s monthly Unit Status Report (USR) requirement for the past six months with zero defects (excellence)
  • received commendable rating during division command inspection; only company in battalion to receive all ‘GOs’ and praise from ADC-S (excellence)


  • achieved the highest score in the company in the most recent APFT, scoring 357 on the extended scale (excellence)

  • awarded the Physical Fitness Badge (excellence)

  • improved APFT score by 40 points (excellence)

  • leads by example during tough, vigorous physical training (success)

  • developed the unit’s physical training program resulting in the unit’s average being raised by 25 points (success)

  • implemented an aggressive, robust, and diverse PT program ensuring all soldiers in the section passed the APFT (success)
  • exhibits superb confidence and infectious enthusiasm with every task/mission without regard to level of difficulty (success)
  • a dynamic and energetic NCO who excels in all areas, routinely scores above 290 on each APFT and sets the example for all (excellence)


  • selected over 13 staff sergeants for deployment to Bosnia as Operations NCOIC (success)

  • selected over 12 SFCs and 2 MSGs to be first sergeant (excellence)

  • mentored one soldier to win division soldier of the year and two to win battalion soldier of the year (excellence)

  • took charge and led log pack convoys throughout Task Force Eagle’s AOR servicing seven remote sites (success)

  • provided sound counsel and mentoring, encouraging team members to exceed standards (success)

  • routinely assumes leadership role as NCOIC during absence of incumbent (success)

  • always leads from the front with limited guidance and supervision (success)

  • achieved three honor platoon awards during rating period (excellence)

  • in the absence of an officer, commanded the detachment on two separate missions at JRTC (success)

  • expertise and experience were sought daily by officers, noncommissioned officers and soldiers throughout the Corps (success)
  • leads by example and enforces high standards of excellence in all areas (success)


  • ensured soldiers were proficient and trained in CTT, weapons qualification and MOS related skills (success)

  • trained the company in MOUT training in preparation for JRTC (success)

  • superb trainer – his platoon averaged 98 per cent first time ‘GO’ on armor crewman test II (excellence)

  • trained team to score 85 per cent during NBC testing (successful)

  • trained section to score 97 per cent during .50 cal avenger gunnery evaluation (excellence)

  • extraordinary NCOPD and Sergeant’s Time program ensured young soldiers were prepared to support the total Army (success)

  • an extraordinary trainer; his students maintain the highest overall pass rate in the course (excellence)

  • possesses the unique ability to capture and hold the attention and imagination of soldiers during training sessions (success)

  • planned and executed quarterly NCOPD sessions that focused on NCO Values and responsibility for taking care of soldiers (success)


  • executed eight squad and platoon live fire exercises, without injury or damage (excellence)

  • successfully executed over 1500 missions without incident (excellence)

  • planned and executed an immunization program for a reserve battalion allowing over 200 personnel to receive all required shots (success)

  • developed and supervised a unit Force Protection Plan for an OCONUS deployment resulting in zero incidents or compromise (success)

  • coordinated the movement of 184,000 pounds of equipment worth over $2.5 million maintaining 100 per cent accountability (excellence)

  • set the standard for the DISCOM’S turn-in of the Chemical Defense Reporting equipment reports (success)
  • sets the example in the battalion for NBC proficiency, often lends his expertise to other companies, improving their NBC training (success)

Strong Senior Rater Performance and Potential Bullets

  • promote to SFC immediately

  • most definitely in top five percent of all SSGs I have worked with in 11 years of service

  • a caring and gifted leader whose performance marks him as the quintessential professional

  • trusted by commanders, leaders, and soldiers; a superb role model

  • absolutely outstanding NCO whose performance and abilities clearly outdistance that of his peers

  • capitalize on his leadership abilities and select for drill sergeant school

  • clearly capable of serving with distinction in the most demanding and critical assignments

  • unlimited potential and versatility; deserves accelerated promotion to master sergeant

  • promote first time eligible in the secondary zone

  • outstanding steward of battalion resources; S1 audits conducted recouped $100K in unauthorized Bank of America credit card entitlements
  • outperforms 99 percent of his peers; clearly the best NCO in the battalion

  • already selected for promotion to SFC, this NCO will advance rapidly through the ranks to Sergeant Major
  • an exceptionally talented and gifted NCO who consistently produces superb results – a must select for promotion
  • select now for appointment to command sergeant major – soldiers deserve his leadership

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