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NCOER Appeals Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your appeal documents are error-free and prepared according to Army regulation

Cover Memorandum

__ Prepare the appeal cover letter as a typed
memorandum on letterhead or white bond paper.
__ In first paragraph, identify name, rank,
branch, SSN, period of report and priority of appeal.
__ Include a DSN or commercial phone number,
correct mailing address and any pending personnel actions.
__ Concisely explain the nature of your
appeal and what corrective action is requested.
__ List and identify all enclosures.
__ Sign and date memorandum in black ink.


__ Administrative appeals require original or
certified true copies of appropriate documents.
__ Substantive appeals require original,
typed statements from knowledgeable observers or rating officials during the
report period.
__ Statements from rating officials are not
the sole basis of the appeal.
__ Provide documents such as ARTEP, AGI,
Command Inspection results and others to support your substantive appeal.


__ Provide original or certified true copy
and one duplicate copy.
__ Before mailing, review your appeal
documents to ensure all enclosures are included, all documents have been
signed and dated and any address and phone numbers are complete.

Dispatch (Mailing)

__ Use correct office symbol in the address
and enclose the appeal documents in a secure container, mailing envelope or
heavy wrapping, as required.


__ Notify HRC St. Louis’s Appeals Office
promptly if you change your address or your priority changes.

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