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Agencies commonly utilized in counseling

List of agencies and a brief overview of what they can provide.
Activity Description
Adjutant General Provides personnel and
administrative services support such as orders, ID cards, retirement
assistance, deferments, and in- and out-processing.
American Red Cross Provides communications
support between Soldiers and families and assistance during or after
emergency or compassionate situations.
Army Community Service Assists military families
through their information and referral services, budget and indebtedness
counseling, household item loan closet, and information about other
military posts.
Army Substance Abuse
Provides alcohol and drug
abuse prevention and control programs.
Better Opportunities for
Single Soldiers
Serves as a liason between
installation agencies and single Soldiers
Army Education Center Provides services for
continuing education and individual learning services support
Army Emergency Relief Provides financial
assistance and personal budget counseling; coordinates student loans
through Army Emergency Relief education loan programs
Career Counselor Explains reenlistment
options and provides current information on prerequisites for reenlistment
and selective reenlistment bonuses.
Chaplain Provides spiritual and
humanitarian counseling to Soldiers and Army Civilians
Claims Section, SJA Handles claims for an
against the government, most often those for the loss and damage of
household goods.
Legal Assistance Office Provides legal information
or assistance on matters of contracts, citizenship, adoption, marital
problems, taxes, wills, and powers of attorney.
Community Counseling
Provides alcohol and drug
abuse prevention and control programs for Soldiers.
Community Health Nurse Provides preventive health
care services.
Community Mental Health
Provides assistance and
counseling for mental health problems.
Employee Assistance
Provides health nurse,
mental health service, and social work services for Army civilians.
Equal Opportunity Staff
Office and Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Provides assistance for
matters involving discrimination in race, color, national origin, gender,
and religion.  Provides information on procedures for initiating
complaints and resolving complaints informally.
Family Advocacy Officer Coordinates programs
supporting children and families including abuse and neglect
investigation, counseling, and educational programs.
Finance and Accounting
Handles inquiries for pay,
allowances and allotments.
Housing Referral Office Provides assistance with
housing on and off post.
Inspector General Renders assistance to
Soldier and Army Civilians.  Corrects injustices affecting
individuals and eliminates conditions determined to be detrimental to the
efficiency, economy, morale and reputation of the Army.  Investigates
matters involving fraud, waste and abuse.
Social Work Office Provides services dealing
with social problems to include crisis intervention, family therapy,
marital counseling, and parent or child management assistance.

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