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Promotions and Reductions

» Promotions and Reductions Study Guide
Promotions and Reductions Army Board Study Guide

» Determine Primary Zone or Secondary Zone for Promotion
Find out if you are you in the Primary Zone or Secondary Zone for promotion to Sergeant or Staff Sergeant.

» Airborne Promotion Advantage (APA)
The APA is applied only to cutoff scores for those MOSs listed on the monthly DA Promotion Point Cutoff Scores designated as eligible for the APA.

» AR 600-8-19

» Senior NCO Board Information
Senior NCO Board Results, After Action Reviews, breakdown of eductation, photos, time in service, time in grade...

» DA Form 3355 Promotion Point Worksheet User's Manual

» Promotion Points Authorized for APFT, Weapons Qualification, Awards, Decorations and Achievements

» What Documents Can And Cannot Be Filed In Your OMPF

» Clarification to AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions