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» NCOER / ERS Study Guide

» AR 623-205
NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER EVALUATION REPORTING SYSTEM (replaced by 623-3, click here for more information)

» DA Form 2166-8
NCO Evaluation Report NCOER (MS Word)

» NCOER Appeals Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure your appeal documents are error-free and prepared according to Army regulation

» Most Common Errors on a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)
This document contains information that identifies the most common errors found on noncommissioned officer evaluation reports.

» DA Form 2166-8 NCOER

» NCOER Bullet Database
Thousands of U.S. Army NCOER Bullets Submitted by other NCOs. Perfect to get ideas for the DA Form 2166-8

» Prepare An NCOER (click the blocks on the NCOER to view info)

» NCOER Bullets #2 (Zipped)

» NCOER Bullets (zipped)

» NCOER What's Hot / What's Not

» Making Bullets Count

» NCO-ER Bullet Examples and Explanations

» Sample NCOER Bullets


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