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MK19 Observers Checklist

Clear the MK19 Machine Gun (must be done in sequence). 30 seconds

  1. Place the weapon on SAFE.
  2. Open the top cover assembly.
  3. Inspect feed tray and extractors on the bolt face to make sure a round is not in the pick up position.
  4. Unlock or lower one charger handle.
  5. Pull charger handle slightly to the rear and inspect bolt face and chamber for ammunition.
  6. Ride the bolt forward and return the charger handle to the its original upright position.
  7. Move the secondary drive lever to the left and close cover. (If disassembling weapon, “KEEP TOP COVER ASSEMBLY OPEN”)

Disassemble the MK19 Machine Gun. 4 minutes

  1. Remove Secondary Drive Lever
  2. Remove Top Cover Assembly
  3. Remove Feed Slide Assembly and Feed Tray
  4. Remove Bolt and Back Plate Assembly
  5. Remove Primary Drive Lever and Vertical Cam
  6. Remove Sear Assembly
  7. Remove the Alignment Guide Assembly
  8. Remove the Ogive Plunger Assembly
  9. Remove the Round Positioning Block 10. Remove the Charging Handles (both sides)

Questions: 30 sec each question

1. Q: How can you tell the SAFE SWITCH is operational?
A: The SAFE-FIRE switch should click when moved to “S” (safe) or “F” (fire) position.

2. Q: What parts do you not immerse in sulvent?
A: Sear Assembly, Ogive Assembly, Bolt and Back Plate Assembly

3. Q: What Do you inspect for when inspecting the Ogive Plunger?
A: Cracks in the case and a weak spring.

4. Q: What do you use to lubricant the gun in 0 degree and below weather?
A: Lubricant Automatic Weapons Arctic (LAW)

Assemble the MK19 Machine Gun. 4 minutes

  1. Attach Charging Handles (both sides)
  2. Attach Round Positioning Block
  3. Insert the Ogive Plunger Assembly
  4. Insert the Alignment Guide Assembly
  5. Attach Sear Assembly
  6. Engage Vertical Cam Assembly and Primary Drive Lever
  7. Insert Bolt and Back Plate Assembly
  8. Attach Feed Tray and Feed Slide Assembly
  9. Attach Top Cover Assembly
  10. Replace Secondary Drive Lever

Perform a Function Check on an MK19 Machine Gun (must be done in sequence). 1 minute

  1. Move secondary drive lever to the left.
  2. Close top cover assembly.
  3. Place weapon on SAFE (push to the left).
  4. Charge weapon.
  5. Return the charger handles back to the forward position, then rotate the charger handles up to the locked position.
  6. Press trigger. (Weapon should not fire, if weapon fires notify your Sergeant.)
  7. Move safety to FIRE (push to the right).
  8. Press trigger, the bolt should spring forward.
  9. Place weapon on SAFE.
  10. Open the top cover assembly.
  11. Check the tip of the firing pin, it should be exposed.
  12. Move the secondary drive lever assembly to the left.
  13. Close the top cover assembly.

Load an MKI9 Machine Gun 30 seconds

  1. Place weapon on SAFE.
  2. Open cover.
  3. Insert first round into feeder (female link first, ensuring that the links are in the feeder grove).
  4. Push round until it is firmly seated between primary and secondary feed pawls.
  5. Move pawls to the left.
  6. Close cover.
  7. Charge weapon and return both charger handles to forward locked position.
  8. Place weapon on FIRE.
  9. Press trigger (let bolt slam forward).
  10. Place weapon on SAFE.
  11. Charge weapon again.
  12. Return charger handles to forward locked position.
  13. Place weapon on FIRE.
  14. Hold control grips with both hands, have thumbs resting on trigger, keep elbows against the body, lean forward placing your chest against the hands to brace the gun and press the trigger.

Correct Malfunctions of an MK19 Machine Gun 30 seconds

  1. Clear area of personnel and keep weapon pointed downrange.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Charge weapon.
  4. Catch live round as it ejects.
  5. Return charger handles to forward locked position
  6. Attempt to fire.
  7. Weapon still does not fire.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 6.
  9. Weapon fails to fire.
  10. Notify range safety personnel.

Unload an MKI9 Machine Gun 30 seconds

  1. Place weapon on SAFE.
  2. While keeping weapon pointed downrange, charge weapon.
  3. Return charger handles to forward locked position.
  4. Remove live round or spent cartridge case.
  5. Open cover.
  6. Remove rounds from feeder.
  7. Place weapon on FIRE.
  8. Lower and pull one charger handle to rear.
  9. Inspect chamber and bolt face to make sure no rounds are present.
  10. While maintaining rearward pressure on one charger handle, press the trigger and ride bolt forward.
  11. Place weapon on SAFE.
  12. Move pawls to the left.
  13. Close cover

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