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Decontamination Equipment


M291 Skin Decontamination Kit. The M291 kit consists of a wallet-like carrying pouch containing six individual decontamination packets, enough to do three complete skin decontaminations. The kit allows personnel to decontaminate their skin through physical removal, absorption, or neutralization of toxic agents with no long-term harmful effects. The kit is used for external use only and may be slightly irritating to eyes or skin. Personnel must ensure that they keep the decontamination powder out of eyes, cuts, or wounds and avoid inhalation of the powder. The primary users include all services.

M295 Decontamination Kit, Individual Equipment. The M295 kit allows personnel to decontaminate their individual equipment through physical removal and sorption of chemical agents. (Note: The M295 kit can decontaminate approximately 1,200 square feet.) Decontamination is accomplished through sorption of contamination by both the kit nonwoven polyester pad and by the decontaminating powder. (Note: It is not approved for skin decontamination.) Decontaminating the CB protective mask/hood, gloves, footwear, weapon, helmet, and load-bearing equipment (LBE) preclude agent transfer during the overgarment exchange and entry or exit procedures. The primary users include all services.

Sorbent Decontamination System (SDS) M100. The M100 SDS is intended to replace the M11s and M13s currently employed in operator spray-down operations associated with immediate decontamination. (Note: It is not approved for skin decontamination.) The system uses powdered sorbent to remove chemical agents from surfaces. The reactive sorbent is nontoxic and noncorrosive, and it requires no water to complete its mission. The SDS is designed to operate at temperatures between -25 and 120 degrees F.

ABC-M11 Portable Decontaminating Apparatus (See image right). The ABC-M11 portable decontaminating apparatus decontaminates small areas, such as steering wheels or other equipment-operating areas with which personnel may have contact. It is a steel container with an aluminum spray head assembly and a nitrogen gas cylinder that provides the pressure. It is filled with 1 1/3 quarts of DS2 decontaminating solution, which is sufficient for decontaminating 135 square feet of surface area. The effective spray range is 6 to 8 feet. The primary users include USA and USMC units.

M13 Decontaminating Apparatus, Portable (See image below). The man-portable M13 decontaminating apparatus, portable (DAP) consists of a vehiclemounting bracket, a container filled with 14 liters of DS2 decontaminating solution, and a brush-tipped pumping handle connected to the fluid container by a hose. The fluid container and the brush head are disposable. The M13 can decontaminate 1,200 square feet per fluid container. The combination of a spray pump and a brush allows personnel to decontaminate hard-to-reach surfaces and remove thickened agents, mud, grease, and other material. The primary users include USA and USMC units.

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