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Boot Camp Diary #1

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» Hell: Day 00
My recruiter called at about 8:45am, saying he had to go to the doctor and that I have to go up to the recruiting office on my own. Cendy was nice enough to give me a ride. I went in to the office and they handed me some papers and shook my hand.

» Hell: Day 0
Wake-up was 4am. I was able to get 5 hours of sleep, which in the military, you're lucky to get. Next is breakfast and MEPS.

» Day 1
It has been less than 24 hours since arriving. It feels like I've been here 2 days. The days in reception are full of hurry up and wait. You wait 2 hours and hurry to do something that takes 10 minutes.

» Day 2
I got 6 hours of sleep! Woohoo! Good thing, because wake-up was 3:45am. We had to stand in formation for an hour pointlessly, but since then the day has gone smoothly.

» Day 3
Didn't do a whole lot today. Got some shots, dog tags, and an ID card. I love my ID. I look so badass. By 1:15pm we were done. Unless someone ***** up and tries to sneak out to use the phone, we're free for the rest of the day. But around here, you never know.

» Day 4
I went to the dentist today. Not by choice. You don't have many around here. It was cool though. I got a free filling that I needed and it didn't hurt at all. The dental clinic was very modern and the army personnel were courteous and professional.

» Day 5
It's Sunday. We got a little bit of extra sleep. Wake-up was at 0600. I got a full 7.5 hours of sleep. Wooow. I'm looking forward to a day full of personal time. Marck's got some dirty drawers to take care of.

» A couple of poems I wrote

» Day 6
Wake-up was 0330. In civilian terms, that's really ******* early. It's all good though because I was knocked out by 10:30pm. We finally took our PT test. It was easy for me, but four of our guys weren't as fortunate.

» Day 7
Another ******** day. Formation, breakfast, formation where they told us to clean our barracks and make our bunks, formation where they told us to clean even though we were already doing it, lunch, and here I am now on my poorly made bunk.

» Day 8
Welcome to no-sex camp, day eight. Today, I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Guess who that reminded me of.. We finally found out when and where we're going for BCT. It's tomorrow and it's here in Knox.

» Day 9 / BCT Day 1
The big day is here. I had to go to the clinic early in the morning because I'm prior TB positive. I had an interview and I got chest X-rays. That took 4 hours. Stupid army.

» BCT Day 2
Man, they weren't kidding about having no personal time during BCT. My locker is all messed up, I don't know which clothes are clean or dirty, blah. From now on, my diary entries will be short. I am writing this at 2314, when I should be sleeping.

» BCT Day 3
Today we took our PT(physical fitness) test. The drill sergeant screwed me on it. He waited until I did 25 push-ups before telling me that they were not proper form and didn't count. I only had 20 correct ones left in me after getting smoked earlier at 0500.

» BCT Day 4
It is Sunday. So far, it's been an easy day. We're cleaning up, organizing our wall lockers, we're getting a haircut later, and going to the PX*. I'll be able to buy cold medicine and cough drops because I know I'll have a sore throat for the next two days.

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