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Boot Camp Diary #1

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» BCT Day 20
I'm so exhausted. We had PT in the morning, a first aid class, and pugil sticks fighting. We learned mouth to mouth resuscitation. I wanted to put some lipstick on my dummy.

» BCT Day 21
All our personal time(an hour a day) got taken away because our barracks continually look like ****.

» BCT Day 22
Whew. Big scare yesterday, huh? We redeemed ourselves today and gained our personal time back. I don't know how long until someone ***** up and they take it away again.

» BCT Day 23
The land navigation course was cool. I plotted points on a map with protractor, found the azimuth, and followed the azimuth with a compass. I love that stuff.

» BCT Day 24
What a long day. It started with the PT test. I improved on everything. I even passed the running. I was going for 16:30 for the 2-mile, and I got 15:43. Apart from passing the hell out of the test, I get to eat cake, pie, donuts, and whatever the hell I want. They don't put restrictions on fast ************* like me.

» BCT Day 25
Yay. Another Sunday rolls by. I'm hoping for some much needed rest from the week's activities. I also want to wash my PT uniforms.

» BCT Day 26
It was gas chamber day. I went in with a mask, but they make sure you take it off inside and get a good whiff and open your eyes. Picture this: you know how you skin feels when you have a cut and you bathe in the ocean? That's how my face, neck, and hands felt, only multiplied a few times.

» BCT Day 27
Moving right along, moving right along. I'll see you all soon. It's going to go by really fast for a while.

» BCT Day 28
Exactly five weeks until family day. Today started fast. We had a company run(250 people). It was 2 miles at a fast pace. I'm road guard, so of course, I had to run twice as hard. It was cool to be leading the pack.

» BCT Day 30
Went camping. Built tent. Did not get snake up ***. Shot rifle. Took forever to zero my sight. I almost didn't qualify, but I did.

» BCT Day 31
Yay. Time to write. I even have time to write complete sentences. Today was fun. We shot at multiple targets at different distances up to 300 meters. It's all up to practice for qualifying on the rifle on Thursday. If I don't hit 24 out of 40, I have to be recycled to the beginning of white phase. I didn't do too hot on the range today and my ears are still ringing.

» BCT Day 32
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The sky is getting dark. When I wake up tomorrow, there will be just 3 Sundays left.

» BCT Day 33
Cendy, I forgot to tell you something really bad that I did Thursday night. I cheated on you. Her name is Isabella. Her color is black. Her weight is seven pounds. I slept with her in my arms under my tent in the woods. No enemy was going to break in during the full moon lit night to steal her away.

» BCT Day 34
Here I am at the shooting range. Isabella is locked, cocked, and ready to roll. I got her nice and lubricated last night and she's been marinating all night ready for action. We are at the same range that I have to qualify at in two days. I wore my civilian glasses so that my helmet doesn't push down on my coke bottle ugly ass birth control glasses.

» BCT Day 35
Here I am, another day at the range. I'm not as freaked out anymore because our D.S. had us do pop-up privates. Privates laid on the ground at different intervals and we got to practice our aim. Plus I found out that we get to shoot over and over on Thursday. You shoot until you make it. I know I can do it. It's a mental thing.

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