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BCT Day 27

Moving right along, moving right along. I’ll see you all soon. It’s going to go by really fast for a while.

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August 20th, 2002

Moving right along, moving right along. I’ll see you all soon. It’s going to go by really fast for a while.

We started basic rifle marksmanship(BRM). That means shooting my rifle, fool. But before all that, we had the 5 kilometer road march. I’m a road guard this week. That means I wear a bright orange vest, stop traffic, hope no one runs me over, and run back to the front after the platoon passes the intersection. I have to run my ass off more than anyone in the platoon, but it will only make me faster, right?

That all sounds fine and dandy until the D.S. yells GAS! GAS! GAS! We all had to haul ass to reach in our protective mask container and put it on. First, the mask still had CS gas from yesterday, so it burned my face. Second, I nearly died. The mask can only process so much air, so when I was running to stop traffic and get back in formation, my lungs felt like they were going to explode. I just couldn’t get enough air in the freakin thing. All I wanted to do was take it off, but we were in a simulated chemical agent environment, so I couldn’t. In a real life situation, taking it off would kill me and I take my training seriously. Damn that sucked.

The day got better though. We’re finally getting to BRM. That’s all white phase is. For example, tomorrow we’re in the shooting range for 14 hours. We did simulation stuff. I played with a $4500 laser guided M16A2(our rifle) simulator. I hit my targets pretty good. I can’t wait for the real thing. Oh. I almost had to pay the army $4500 for my clumsiness. Why is sophisticated equipment so easy to break?

I’d go into more detail but as always, I have to write these entries at 2300. I need sleep, damn it. I’ll reply to those who wrote me individually on Sunday. ZZZZZZZZZZ

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