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Skill Levels 2-4

» 551-88N-0002 (SL2) – Prepare for Unit Move
Standards: Prepared the unit for movement using the necessary references (vehicle -10s) and equipment to deliver vehicles and equipment to arrive at the port of debarkation with no loss of vehicles or equipment (operational and ready for combat).

» 081-831-9000 (SL2) – Implement Preventive Medicine Measures
Standards: Briefed personnel on the three reasons soldiers are vulnerable to disease. Trained personnel on the seven major components of the medical threat to field forces. Trained soldiers on the seven individual preventive medicine measures necessary to prevent disease and nonbattle injuries. Taught the Army’s tobacco use policies. Ensured selected unit personnel received field sanitation team training on the team’s eight areas of responsibility.

» 301-371-1150 (SL3) – Identify Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) Assets
Standards: Identified the types of intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) support available and how they were integrated into the combined arms team.

» 805C-PAD-2503 (SL2) – Enforce Compliance with the Army’s Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Policies
Standards: Demonstrated personal behavior and leadership consistent with the Army’s Equal Opportunity (EO) and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policies. Enforced compliance with the Army’s EO, POSH, and the Army’s extremist activities policies.

» 441-091-3000 (SL3) – Supervise the Implementation of Air Defense Measures
Standards: Established and directed unit air defense posture. Ensured 100 percent use of available passive defense measures. Planned for employment of all available individual and crew-served weapons capable of being directed against enemy air threats. Ensured hostile targets engaged were destroyed, neutralized, or suppressed.

» 101-CLT-0198 (SL4) – Supervise Tactical Feeding Operation
Standards: Supervised personnel in a tactical environment at a field kitchen site and set realistic and attainable goals. Clearly delegated tasks and evaluated performance. Completed all performance measures accurately to ensure that the feeding mission was completed on time.

» 071-326-5775 (SL4) – Coordinate with an Adjacent Platoon
Standards: Coordinated with the adjacent platoon-size elements for offensive and defensive operations to ensure mutually supporting positions, fires, and signals.

» 031-506-2061 (SL2) – Conduct a Mask Fit Test
Standards: Conducted a mask fit test. Performed all the steps in sequence to verify the fit of a protective mask to an individual’s face.

» 091-CLT-3009 (SL4) – Supervise Maintenance Operations
Standards: Established and maintained an effective maintenance shop operation in accordance with SOPs and applicable references.

» 071-326-3013 (SL3) – Conduct a Tactical Road March
Standards: Within the time allowed in your warning order, planned, organized, and conducted a tactical road march from one point to an assembly area, and secured the assembly area.

» 551-88N-0003 (SL3) – Plan Unit Move
Standards: Planned a unit movement using the necessary references (vehicle ?10s) and equipment to deliver vehicles and equipment to arrive safely at the port of debarkation with no loss of vehicles, equipment, or personnel.

» 071-430-0002 (SL2) – Conduct a Defense by a Squad
Standards: Accomplished preparation of a defensive position within the time specified in the platoon leader’s order while maintaining security, camouflage, and concealment. Designated fighting positions for squad members. Designated alternate and supplementary positions for squad members. Ensured all squad members followed assigned priority of work. Maintained security. Continued work as rapidly as possible. Maintained camouflage and concealment (to include noise, light, and litter discipline). Constructed positions properly.

» 850-001-3001 (SL3) – Control Mission Safety Hazard
Standards: Verified that a risk assessment had been conducted, controls had been developed and properly implemented, the overall risk level for the mission or task was acceptable, and that the controls were effectively monitored.

» 081-831-1047 (SL4) – Supervise the Implementation of Preventive Medicine Policies
Standards: Ensured soldiers applied PMMs, as appropriate, to protect against cold, heat, biting insects, diarrhea and dysentery, hearing loss, skin infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and foot problems. Ensured soldiers practiced good oral hygiene and properly disposed of waste. Ensured that the Army tobacco use policies were applied.

» 071-326-5805 (SL3) – Conduct a Route Reconnaissance Mission
Standards: Planned and conducted a route reconnaissance well enough to- Organize the platoon to conduct the reconnaissance mission. Use movement techniques appropriate for the likelihood of enemy contact. Obtain necessary information concerning the conditions, obstacles, critical terrain features, and enemy along the assigned route.

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