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Skill Level 1

» 071-312-3031 (SL1) – Engage Targets with an M60 Machine Gun
Standards: Fired the M60 machine gun to engage targets in your assigned sector of fire. Applied correct M60 machine gun target engagement techniques so each target was hit.

» 071-311-2127 (SL1) – Load an M203 Grenade Launcher
Standards: Inserted ammunition into the chamber without damaging the equipment or injuring personnel. Followed all safety procedures in accordance with TM 9-1010-221-10.

» 113-571-1022 (SL1) – Perform Voice Communications
Standards: Entered a radio net, sent a message, and left a radio net using the proper call signs, call sign sequence, prowords, and phonetic alphabet and numerals with 100 percent accuracy.

» 081-831-1045 (SL1) – Perform First Aid for Cold Injuries
Standards: Identified the type of cold injury and gave the correct first aid.

» 081-831-1033 (SL1) – Perform First Aid for an Open Head Wound
Standards: Applied a dressing to the wound following the correct sequence without causing further injury to the casualty. The casualty was properly positioned and the dressing was secured without applying unnecessary pressure.

» 071-054-0002 (SL1) – Restore an M136 Launcher to Carrying Configuration
Standards: Restored the launcher to a safe carrying configuration without damaging the equipment.

» 031-503-1019 (SL1) – React to Chemical or Biological Hazard/Attack
Standards: React to a chemical or biological hazard or attack without becoming a casualty. Identify chemical contamination markers with 100 percent accuracy, and notify supervisor. Start steps to decontaminate yourself within 1 minute of finding chemical contamination. Decontaminate your individual equipment after you completely decontaminate yourself.

» 071-311-2028 (SL1) – Unload an M16-Series Rifle
Standards: Cleared the rifle, removed all ammunition and secured the rifle in the SAFE mode.

» 071-004-0003 (SL1) – Load an M9 Pistol
Standards: Correctly loaded the magazine and ammunition into the pistol; ensured safety lever was in the safe position.

» 071-326-5703 (SL1) – Construct Individual Fighting Positions
Standards: Constructed a hasty fighting position that gave frontal cover from enemy direct fire but allowed you to fire to the front and oblique. Constructed a one-man fighting position with the following characteristics: � Wide enough for you and your equipment. � Armpit deep with frontal and overhead cover at least 18 inches deep. � Had grenade sumps and a floor sloped toward the sumps. � Allowed you to place fire on your assigned sector.

» 031-503-1042 – Protect Yourself From NBC Injury/Contamination When Changing Mission Oriented Protective Posture Using Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST)
Protect yourself from NBC injury/contamination when changing MOPP using JSLIST. Decontaminate individual gear and equipment without spreading contamination onto the skin or undergarments. Set uncontaminated gear aside on an uncontaminated surface. Change overgarments, overboots, and gloves without spreading contamination to the uncontaminated set of MOPP gear. Change MOPP gear without either yourself or your buddy becoming a casualty

» 071-311-2128 (SL1) – Unload an M203 Grenade Launcher
Standards: Pressed the latch and moved the barrel forward to eject ammunition. Caught the round as it dropped.

» 093-401-5040 (SL1) – React to Unexploded Ordnance Hazards
Standards: Identified UXO by type and subgroup; recognized associated hazards; took immediate action to prevent death, injury, or damage to materiel; reported the UXO hazard using the UXO Spot Report format.

» 071-030-0007 (SL1) – Perform a Function Check on an MK19 Machine Gun
Standards: Conducted an operational check of the MK19 machine gun to make sure it was correctly assembled and functioned properly.

» 071-325-4407 (SL1) – Employ Hand Grenades
Standards: Threw the hand grenade to hit the target, prevented endangering yourself for more than five seconds.

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