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BCT Day 6

Let’s see…Today we got to hold a dummy M16 A2 rifle. It’s made to specifications of a real rifle, but they don’t trust us with real heat yet.

The following information is a portion of “Marck’s Boot Camp Diary”. The information contains a straight-forward look at Basic Training Life on a daily basis. The information contained within this page is used with the express written permission of the author. For more information about the author view the “Author’s Information” at the bottom of the page. Some choice phrases have been censored.July 30th, 2002

Let’s see…Today we got to hold a dummy M16 A2 rifle. It’s made to specifications of a real rifle, but they don’t trust us with real heat yet.

57 days left until graduation. Man, it’s going by fast. Family day is the day before graduation, on Wednesday, September 25th. I can’t wait to see everybody. Specially Cendy.

We ran about a mile and a half in the morning and another mile in the afternoon. My platoon gets pumped after a run. We were so motivated that we saved ourselves from a smoking we’ve had coming for a while. The D.S. even took us to “the pit” which is made of sawdust. But we looked so motivated that we went to our barracks.

We had our last class in that stupid ass boring classroom. Tomorrow, we get to go on a team development course. I imagine it’s something like Hemlock overlook.

Basic training can really be enjoyable with the right drill sergeants. Our DSs believe in teaching, patience, and chances instead of smoking, smoking, and smoking.

The thing we need most work on is our marching. Some of these guys don’t know their left foot from their left ***, since they’re always scratching them while at attention….Damn, that was bad. No delete key here though.

We got our first batch of mail today. Do you know how many letters the platoon mailman got? You’re the only ones not writing them, so you must know the answer. Don’t worry. This paper will be dry from tears by the time you get it. I’m just saying though. I write every single day to you guys. 15 days now without exception. Ah, I’ll quit my whining, since there must be letters on the way as I write this.

That’s it for today. In the words of Walter Mercado, ah **** it. Just ask my parents if you care. Love you, Cendy.

I have ESA. More on the meaning of that later. Let’s just say the first letter stands for Extreme and the third letter for Accumulation. The S is for you to take a wild guess.

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