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A couple of poems I wrote


The following information is a portion of “Marck’s Boot Camp Diary”. The information contains a straight-forward look at Basic Training Life on a daily basis. The information contained within this page is used with the express written permission of the author. For more information about the author view the “Author’s Information” at the bottom of the page. Some choice phrases have been censored.

July 21st, 2002


My pen is bleeding and I know why
The concrete buildings with all the light
The soldier looks to the trees and they comply
They say “Sit under me, soldier, you will feel right”

My pen is bleeding and I know why
I look at all the faces, for they tell a story
I look at my lustrous boots and the answer they supply
They say “Shine me, soldier, and you do not have to worry”

My pen is bleeding and I know why
The sleeping soldier has the answer
His dreams can make him fly
The dreams say “Think about me, soldier, and you will be home faster”

My pen is bleeding and I know why
Through these words, the soldier feels true
The time spent in serenity can make a man of steel cry
And serenity says “Don’t cry, soldier, for this test is what will make you”

My pen is bleeding and I know why
The rain hit the soldier and he understands
It eases the group of the sun’s pry
And the rain says “I will always be there to relieve you, soldier, to take anguish out of your hands”

My pen is bleeding and I know why
Dreams, hopes, and memories are the welcomed summer rain
And after the sun is covered by a cloud in the sky
The soldier feels the rain wash away his pain


As the soldier marches on, he sings a song
The thoughts that go through his head are those of cheer
After he completes his journey, there is nothing with which he won’t get along
Yes, the soldier marches on, knowing that at the end there is beer

The soldier takes another step
He feels his muscles bulging
The soldier has no regret
For at the end there is bling bling

The soldier turns the corner
The sweat gets into his eye
The soldier is getting stronger
And at the end there will be apple pie

The soldier reaches his destination
He looks at himself in the mirror and says
“Damn, I need a ******* vacation”
But the journey that the soldier took will be appreciated for the rest of his days

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