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BCT Day 59

Five more days and I’ll be through. Another long cleaning day is ahead. What that means for you is another boring diary entry is imminent.

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September 21st, 2002

Five more days and I’ll be through. Another long cleaning day is ahead. What that means for you is another boring diary entry is imminent.

DS Boston returned to work today to **** with our lives. He said all the gear that we went through four times already is “filthy as ****.” He was about to put us in the pit, but changed his mind at the last minute. We all got gear back, but this time we cleaned our own. We’re being threatened that if the gear is not up to DS Boston’s standards, the place where we have to return the gear will reject it and we will have to pay money for it. Not having anything else to do, I just spent four hours cleaning my stuff with a toothbrush. I am not exaggerating.

My take on all this is that it’s all mind games. If the stuff was that messed up we would’ve gone in the pit for real and DS Lewis wouldn’t have been so cool yesterday. And he did promise to give us our mail today if our stuff was done. He made good on that. He threw all our mail on the floor. We put it all in a circle. We can’t go through it yet, but he went down to get our mail. Nothing but recovery is scheduled for today. What are they going to do? Tell us, “good job privates. You have the rest of the day off.” This is merely an organized waste of time. I know we’ve been busting our asses ever since we got back from the 15K. I’m game. I’ve been here long enough to figure out the system.

Today has gone by fast, since I’ve been busy. Now that I’m done, I’ll chill until they make us clean yet again. That means the day will crawl by. It’s 1500 and the radio is tuned to a country station. Yep, it’ll be another long day.

Oh. I got smoked by a DS from another platoon today because I was resting my head on my elbow and when he told me to sit up straight, he thought I smirked at him. It was funny. I don’t give a **** anymore, as I’ve said. It was 10 minutes of my life. I laid on my elbow for at least 30. A nice trade off. Plus I finally got some exercise. We haven’t done anything physical since the 15K. We still have to clean weapons. Every nook and cranny. It will suck. Dirt gets everywhere and sticks to the oil. It will take at least a few hours.

Eeeeexcellent. My day just got a lot better. DS Boston left, so that brought everyone’s stress level way down. Also, our weapons were taken to a weapon wash place to clean. We barely had to touch them. We just left one part here soaking. We’ll clean it tomorrow. It seems when DS Boston leaves, DSs Lewis and Spinner relax too. They instantly get in a good mood. DS Boston is such an *******. Nobody likes him. Sorry for the boring entries, but nothing happens after FTX. I’m going to stop boring you and go listen to music now.

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