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Proper clearing procedures for the MK19

Clearing procedures for both firing and non-firing situations

The MK 19 is cleared differently in a firing situation than in a nonfiring situation.

Firing Situation. In a firing situation, use the following procedures to clear the MK 19:

(1) Move the safety switch to S (SAFE)

SAFE Position

(2) Open the top cover assembly. If all the ammunition has NOT been fired, the bolt is to the rear and a round is on the bolt face. If the bolt is forward, lock it to the rear.

Opening the Top Cover Assembly

(3) Take the ammunition from the feed tray by reaching beneath the feed tray and pressing the primary and secondary positioning pawls. While pressing the position pawls, slide the linked rounds out of the MK 19 through the feed throat.

Removal of Linked Rounds from Feeder

(4) Insert a section of the cleaning rod or bayonet through either side of the receiver rail. Place it on top of the live round or cartridge case, as close to the bolt face as possible, and push down. This action forces the round out of the MK 19.

(5) Lower and pull both charger handles to the rear.

Charger Handles

(6) Inspect the chamber and bolt face to ensure that no live rounds are in the weapon.

(7) Place the safety switch on F (FIRE).

(8) Maintain rearward pressure on the charging handle, press the trigger and ease the bolt forward.

(9) Place the safety switch on S (SAFE).


Nonfiring Situation. In a nonfiring situation, use the following procedures to clear the MK 19:

(1) Place the safety switch on S (SAFE).

(2) Open the top cover assembly.

(3) Lower one or both charger handles.

(4) Pull the charger handle slightly to the rear.

(5) Allow sufficient space between the face of the bolt and the chamber to see both.

(6) Check for live ammunition.

(7) Ride the bolt forward.

(8) Return the charger handle to its original upright position.