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IDT/AT Preparation

Identify major areas of emphasis for supply sergeants for IDT and AT training. Establish guidelines for assisting supply sergeants to prepare, anticipate and execute supply functions during unit training periods

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IDT/AT Preparation

CW2 Brent Jensen


34th Infantry Division’s Web Page


Under AT/IDT



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Identify major areas of emphasis for supply sergeants for IDT and AT training

Establish guidelines for assisting supply sergeants to prepare, anticipate and execute supply functions during unit training periods.

General Concepts

Your success will be dependent on three general concepts:





Logistics in general, is geared towards identifying the supply implications of future actions and preparing yourself to support those actions.

Preparation is VITAL to mission success


Look ahead at future training and “predict” or anticipate what requirements you will need to provide.

Initiative-Don’t wait to be told what to do

Leaders may not have the experience or knowledge about logistical support and they will be looking to you for that expertise


Execution will be a success if you have performed the prior steps correctly

Product of preparation and anticipation

IDT Planning
4 Areas



Supply Functions



Has a ration request been forwarded to the RBP?

DA Form 3294-R submitted 30 days prior to MUTA

Is there sufficient cooling and storage for rations?

Have rations been received and stored properly?

Usually delivered the Friday before drill


Has any feeding changes been forward to the Food Service Sergeant?

Changes in feeding times

Changes in feeding locations

Have you provided the FSS with the appropriate paperwork?


Are any vehicles required for soldiers?

Dispatching coordinated with maint. section


Is motor pool set-up so PMCSs can be performed?

Can soldiers access the necessary vehicles?

Any additional transportation assets needed? (bus/van support)



Has section chiefs been given a list of equipment requiring scheduled services?

Coordination with supporting OMS may be needed

Supply Functions

List to 1SG of individuals that have equipment/clothing ready for issue

Update 1SG throughout drill

Are unit hand receipts, cyclic and sensitive items inventory lists on hand for inventories?

Is unit Armorer aware of weapons services and cleanings required to be performed?


Is supply sergeant ready to discuss issues/concerns at training meeting?

Be proactive

Are keys ready for section rooms, storage areas, etc?

Are all training aids required for training on hand and ready for issue?

Automated Drill Tasks



Has unit newsletter been sent out? (1 week prior)

Has 1SG/CDR been contacted prior to MUTA with any last minute details?

Has FTS met to discuss details of MUTA

Is TACC clean and classrooms ready for use?

Has coordination for any local training areas been done?


Has attendance rosters been prepared and ready for section chiefs?

Has unit phone/alert roster up to date?

calling AWOL soldiers

What is the back-up plan in case of inclement weather?

Any assistance required from BN?

request for medics, etc

Prior to Dismissal


Did FSS turn-in all food service forms? Were they signed?

DA Form 5913-R

Dining Area/Kitchen

Leftover rations disposed of?

Dining area/kitchen cleaned and equipment stored properly?


Vehicles turned-in after drill?

Properly secured?

Vehicles refueled after use?

POL credit cards and receipts turned back into supply?

Documentation turned in for services performed?

DA Form 2404


Motor Pool secured?

Outside lights on and in working order?

Buses/vans refueled and turned in?


Did all soldiers receive/turn-in equipment and clothing as directed?

Carry forward any actions not completed to next MUTA

Were inventories completed, and paperwork forwarded to supply?

Section Hand Receipts, sensitive items report, cyclic inventories, weapons inventories

Did the Commander sign?


Did all training aids get turned back in?

Are all Temporary Hand Receipts cleared?

Were all keys turned in?

Motor Pool

Arms Room


Section Rooms


Any miscellaneous supply tasks not completed get scheduled for future MUTA?


TACC cleaned and equipment stored properly?

Garbage disposed of?

Does alert roster need updating?

Attendance rosters available for payroll?

AAR’s submitted to HQs for training conducted?

Planning for future MUTA’s annotated from training meeting.

Annual Training Planning

Areas Covered

Classes of Supply



Supply and Services Division

Signature Cards

Information Management



Annual Training Circular

Administrative information


Service and Support Section

Class I

Submit headcount data to higher HQ’s

Submitted NLT 120 days out

What are the Food Service equipment requirements?

Provide section hand receipt if needed

Coordinate schedule for ration issue

Will unit need to provide personnel for advance party?

Class II

Has an equipment/clothing list been prepared?

Include personal items

If time permits, a pre-AT showdown inspection helpful

Has all clothing/equipment been issued prior to AT?

Class III (POL)

Coordinate fueling schedule prior to departure

Obtain fueling schedule and location from HQ during AT

Class IV (Barrier Material)

Submit requests to higher HQ

Commander should provide specifics

Equipment needed to support Class IV

Material Handling Gloves, goggles, etc.

Pioneer tools


Transportation of material

Date/time of pick-up and turn-in

Class V (Ammunition)

Drivers HAZMAT certified?

Submit ammo request

If supported by higher HQ’s, this will be done for you

Dunnage procedures

What needs to be turned in?

Schedule of issue and turn-in

Class VII

Submit MATES request-NLT 90 days out

Request only what you are authorized

Loan equipment from other organizations

Request from other MSC’s

Coordinate date/time for issue and turn-in

Personnel on hand to PMCS equipment during issue and turn-in

Vehicles clean, refueled and PMCS conducted prior to turn-in

Be on Time!

Coordinate BII issue and turn-in

Class VIII (Medical)

Submit requests to DOL Warehouse

Foot powder, sunscreen

90 days out

Class IX

Coordinate with BN maintenance technician

Obtain schedule from BN maintenance section on issue and turn-in


Most of these areas will be coordinated with higher HQ’s, but if not, these areas will need to be considered

Request using ATS-23


Submit request for billeting (Minimum 90 days out, earlier is better)


T-Buildings or Tin Huts

HQ’s building

Motor Pool Requirements

Maintenance Building



Kitchen Requirements

Latrine Requirements

Classroom/Rec Center requirements

Weapons Cleaning Facility

Post locations and hours for:

Alternative Center, clubs, Px, snack bar, and church services

Coordinate date/time of issue and turn-in of billets


Most of these areas will be coordinated with higher HQ’s, but if not, these areas will need to be considered

Convoy Request submitted? (120 days out)

Additional transportation requirements

DISCOM Support Request

Heavy transportation


Commercial bus


Convoys-should include:

Safety briefing

Rest stops

Travel meal (if needed)

Enroute refueling sites

TACC’s and OMS’ located near planned route

Convoy Cdr., maintenance support, weapons security, and communications

Signature Cards

Updated cards been forwarded? (expires 31 Dec)

Range Control

Ammunitions Office


Supply and Services Division




DOL Warehouse

Ration Break Point

Information Management

Newsletter sent to unit personal-Include:

Packing list (clothing, equipment, personal items)

Date/Time of departure and return

Emergency phone number and notification procedures

Building number

POV report time/place

Key training events

Information Management-con’t

OIC’s/NCOIC’s of ranges, training events, etc.

Family Support Group POC


Ensure you have the necessary equipment and supplies to support the unit

Sections are responsible to bring equipment on their hand receipt to perform their missions.

Plan on going on the advance detachment (3 days prior to AT)

Communicate with other supply sergeants and with BN S-4 NCO for changes and updates affecting you.

Post Annual Training Tasks

Class I

Has all Food Service paperwork been submitted to supporting Class I organization?

Has extra rations been turned in? Including MREs

Class II

Coordinate Show down Inspections for OCIE and personal clothing

Has unit cleared the DOL Warehouse?

Class III, IV, and V

Has unit vehicles been refueled and prepared for convoy to Home Station?

Did all Class IV get turned in and cleared from supporting unit?

Did all live ammunition and dunnage get turned-in and cleared from support unit?

Class VII

Were all vehicles and equipment drawn from MATES turned-in and cleared?

Was BII turned-in?


Did equipment drawn from Supply and Services get turned-in?

Does unit armorer need additional assistance with care and maintenance?

Has a clearance time been set to turn-in buildings?


Start planning EARLY!

Your busiest time will be at the beginning and end of Annual Training

Hand receipt for equipment issued

Develop a system to stay organized

Communicate with leadership on changes


Identify major areas of emphasis for supply sergeants for IDT and AT training

Establish guidelines for assisting supply sergeants to prepare, anticipate, and execute during unit training periods.

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