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About the Property Book for Commanders

Responsibilities, The Inventory, Inspect Unit Supply Records, Property Adjustments and Wartime Accounting

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Property Accountability Topics


The Inventory

Inspect Unit Supply Records

Property Adjustments

Wartime Accounting

Command Responsibility

Can’t Delegate.

Ensure Property is Used Properly.

Ensure Property is Safeguarded.

Ensure Your Soldiers Actions Contribute to :

Proper Custody

Proper Care

Proper Use

Proper Safekeeping

Enforce Supply Discipline. Develop and train supply SOP.

Take Needed Admin or Disciplinary Actions.

The Inventory


Annual requirement.

Must Be On-Hand or on Order.

Want property returned in EXACT condition issued.


Event Driven

Commodity Driven

Event Driven

Change of Command.

Change of Sub-Hand Receipt Holder.

Change of User.

Receipt/Turn-in of Property.

Cyclic “10%”.

Command Directed.

Change of Company Armorer.


Weapons & Ammunition

Sensitive Items


Basic Loads

Organization Clothing & Individual Equipment


Installation Property (IPBO)

“Change of Command”




8. Obtain the following :

Property Book Officer:

PHR (ALH-151) signed by Outgoing Company Commander (PHRH).

Nonexpendable Shortage Annex : Initialed by PBO.

S4 to You:

Durable Shortage Annex : Initialed by S4. ***

Outgoing Commander:

Sub-hand Receipts for company.

Shortage Annexes: Company, initialed by outgoing CDR.

13. Stick to Schedule.

14. Inventory End Items and All Components.

15. Record the TM, SC, HR, etc. you used to


16. Verify Serial Numbers.

17. Inspect Equipment.

18. Validate Maintenance Work Orders.

19. Sub-Hand Receipt the Property.

20. Demand strict adherence to instructions.

21. Soldiers are sizing you up.

22. You are sizing up the soldiers.

23. You are telling them how important property

accountability is to you — be ruthless!!

Who Should Be With You During the Inventory?

Supply Sergeant.

Supply Clerk.

Subhand Receipt Holder.

User Hand Receipt Holder.

SME on Equipment.

Out Going Commander.


Assumption of Command orders.

Signature cards.

Equipment density listing to support unit.

Inspect Unit Supply Records







Inspect Unit Supply Records

Subhand Receipt
From You to Subhand Receipt Holder

Sub-Hand Receipt/DA Form 2062.

Major End Items Only.

Signed by Subhand Receipt Holder.

Shortage Annex

Authorized Shortages of components to

include expendables.

Initialed by You.

DA Form 3161



Temporary Hand Receipt

Lateral Transfer

DA Form 3161

DOL To Commander.

DPBO To Commander.

Commander to Subhand Receipt Holder & User.


Turn In
DA Form 3161

Subhand Receipt Holder/User to Commander.

Commander to DOL.

Commander to DPBO.


Temp Hand Receipt
DA Form 3161

Use for 30 Days or Less.

Don’t Remove Loaned Item from your Accountability Documents.

Can be used Outside Parent Unit.

Coordinate with the other Commander.

Lateral Transfer
DA Form 3161

Receive Directive.

Inventory Item.

Update Shortage Annex/Fund Transfer.

Obtain Approval Authority Signature.

Complete Transfer.

Lateral Transfer
DA Form 3161

Get Document Number From PBO.

Turn in Completed 3161, Shortage Annex, Fund Transfer Memo to PBO.

Keep Copies.

Ensure Item Is Removed From Your ALH-151.

DA Form 3161 — Lateral Transfer

Ensure shortages are on request.

Verify relief from accountability actions are initiated.

Turn-in excess.

Adjust property records (don’t forget shortage annex).

Ensure all property is signed For.

Prepare After Action Report (AAR).

Property Adjustments

Administrative Adjustment Report (AAR).

Damage Statement.

Memorandum For Record.

Cash Purchase.

Cash Collection.

Statement Of Charges.

Report Of Survey.

Property Adjustments

Administration Adjustment Report (AAR)

Used To Correct Minor Discrepancies .

(DA Form 4949)



Serial Numbers

Unit of Issue

Accounting Requirements


Property Adjustments

Damage Statement.

Used when negligence not found (Memorandum).

“I have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the damage to the above item and find no evidence of negligence or willful misconduct.”

Company Commander has $200 Limit/ $100 for OCIE.

Reviewed Quarterly.

Abuse = Loss Of Authority.

Property Adjustments

Memorandum for Lost Hand Tools.

“I have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the loss of the above items and find no evidence of negligence or willful misconduct.”

Company commander approval of $100 per incident.

Prepare a narrative of the incident.

Reviewed quarterly by Battalion Commander.

Abuse = Loss of Authority.

Property Adjustments

Cash Purchase :

Liability Admitted.

“I authorize 2LT Smith to purchase the following

hand tools (or OCIE). Purchased items will remain

the property of the U.S. Government.”

Use cash or check.

Item must be immediately available.


Property Adjustments

Cash Collection Voucher.

DD Form 362.

Liability Admitted.

No Lost or Destroyed Sensitive Items.

Less Than One Month Base Pay.

Direct payment to FAO.

Show proof of payment in 2 days.

No proof = payroll deduction or report of survey.

Property Adjustments

Statement Of Charges.

DD Form 362.

Liability admitted.

No Lost or Destroyed Sensitive Items.

Less than one months base pay.

Payroll Deduction.

Follow Up in 20 Days with FAO.

Property Adjustments

Mandatory when any of the below

conditions exist :

Liability admitted, but greater than one month’s

base pay.

Liability not admitted.

Lost or destroyed sensitive item.

Fire, theft, or disaster.

Property Adjustments

Survey Officer :

Primary Duty.

30 Calendar Days To Complete

Can’t Have Vested Interest.

SFC or above.

Greater in Rank .

Property Adjustments

Survey Officer Responsibilities:


Did the loss actually occur?



Assessment of financial liability.

Property Adjustments

Survey Officer Must Prove :


Willful Misconduct

Proximate Cause

Negligence :

Simple: Failure to act as a reasonably prudent person would have acted under similar circumstances.

Gross: Extreme departure from course of action expected, and accompanied by a reckless, deliberate, or wanton disregard for the foreseeable circumstances.

Willful Misconduct: Any intentional wrongful or unlawful act or omission relating to government property.

Proximate Cause :

Natural and continuous sequence unbroken by a

new cause.

Without which loss or damage would not have


Primary or predominating cause.

Direct and immediate consequence.

Respondent’s Appeal Process :

7 Calendar Days to submit rebuttal / new


Legal Counsel.

Still Found Liable :

Request for reconsideration.

Legal counsel.

Legal error only.

Property Adjustments

Initial Review by Appointing Authority.

Final review by Approving Authority.

If Yes, then can find Liable or Not Liable.

If No, then a Regular Survey will Be Pursued.

Does survey contain enough information to do a

short survey?

Wartime Supply Policy

By direction of the Secretary of the Army.

Applies to units deployed in theater of


Theater commanders may impose stricter

accounting requirements.

Wartime Supply Policy

Follow-up and request to cancel.

Supply reconciliation and validations.

Signature cards & assumption of CMD orders (except ammunition).

Inspections and inventories.

No separately documented lateral transfers.

Wartime Supply Policy

Excess turned-in as is“.

Update property books through CBT loss and daily LOGSTAT reports.

COMSEC accounting/reporting remains.

OCIE accounting remains in effect.

Ammo accounting O/H balances.

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