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Tactical and Survival

» Construct Vehicle Fighing Positions
Introduction, Planning, Positions, Sequence of Construction

» Movement Under Fire

» Occupy an Assembly Area

To introduce SOBC students to the Army’s basic operational concept of offensive and defensive operations


» Battle Positions Selecting and fighting

Moved to within 100 meters of the enemy position, using the correct individual tactical fire and movement techniques dictated by terrain features, coordinated movement with team members and provided covering fire for each member

» Conduct a Defense by a Platoon
Given a specified area to defend, a platoon with table of organization and equipment (TOE), and a requirement to defend that area. 071-430-0006 (SL4)

» Foot Marches
Many examples of successful marches exist throughout out the history of warfare.

» Plan Security for a Command Post (CP)
Develop a security plan that includes all required elements to detect the enemy and to defend the CP before the enemy can move within direct-fire range

» Communicate Using Visual Signaling Techniques (Mounted)

» Breaching Doctrine

» Combat Patrol for Squad

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