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Report of Survey Officer Brief

Where to begin, Selection Process, Responsibilities, Timeline, Extensions, Actions After Making Recommendations, References

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Report of Survey Officer
Where to BEGIN Briefing


Where to begin

Selection Process




Actions After Making Recommendations


Where to Begin

Familiarize yourself with the report of survey process (on the G-4 webpage) by,

1 View “Where to BEGIN Briefing” for first time ROS


Quick Reference Guide

3 Review Top Ten Most ROS Mistakes (G-4 webpage)

4 Refer to AR 735-5, Ch 13 (hit hyperlink on G4 webpage)

5 Refer to DA Pam 735-5 (hit hyperlink on G4 webpage)

Selection Process

Appointed by the Approving Authority (Commander in the grade of COLONEL or above)

Senior in grade to the individual(s) named in the report of survey subject to potential financial liability

Commissioned or Warrant officer; NCO in the grade of SFC or above; civilian employee GS-7 or above


Receive a briefing from Bde S-4 or appointing authority prior to starting this investigation

Conduct a fair, impartial and thorough investigation concerning loss of government property

Make recommendations based on your investigation to assist the approving official in making the final decision

Decision can be to relieve all concerned or to assess financial liability


Unless the approving authority specifies a shorter time, a survey officer has



Complete the Investigation

Reference: AR 735-5, Figure 13-1


Will be requested in writing.

Explain why there is a delay.

Attached extension request and approval to the report of survey as an exhibit.

Request for extension does not mean the extension is granted

Actions After Making Recommendations

If financial liability is not assessed:

return the completed survey to the S-4.

If financial liability is assessed:

Notify service member.

If a rebuttal is received, amend report of survey if necessary.

forward to the Battalion S-4.

If a rebuttal is not received in the correct timeframe, forward survey to the Battalion S-4


AR 735-5 Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability

DA PAM 735-5 Survey Officer’s Guide

Report of Survey Officer

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