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Conducting a Change of Command Inventory

Pre-Command Briefing. Outline References Before the Inventory Inventory Conclusion of the Inventory Summary Questions Conclusion

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Conducting a Change of Command Inventory

Pre-Command Briefing




Before the Inventory


Conclusion of the Inventory





AR 710-2

AR 735-5

DA PAM 25-30

DA PAM 710-2-1

OI 710-2

CSDP (Command Supply Discipline Program)

Before the Inventory

A. Go to the Property Book Officer or NCOIC to get a list of everything you will sign for.

B. Freeze property accounts during inventory dates, except for actions submitted by incoming commander.

C. Advise support activities of the inventory periods and request that all accounts be frozen pending completion.

D. Review DA PAM 25-30 to ensure the most current supply catalogs, components lists, technical manuals and other related publications for all authorized items of equipment are on hand [Hand/sub-hand Receipts Holder].

E. Update sub-hand receipts prior to the start of inventory, including shortage annexes and component hand receipts [Unit Supply Sergeant].

Before the Inventory

F. Update the change of command hand receipts/print-out and verify shortages annexes with appropriate PBO. Reconcile open documents on the document register. Account for any posting changes which have not been posted to the hand receipt. Identify the Change of Command Receipt by date and do not let it change [Outgoing Commander].

G. Ensure all authorized items of equipment, component of end items (COEI), components of sets, kits and outfits and basic issue items (BII) are on hand or on order. [outgoing commander prior to start of change of command inventory by inspection property book, hand/sub-hand receipts, components lists and document register.

Before the Inventory

H. Verify equipment authorization utilizing MTOE, CTA 50-900 and local authorization.

I. Publish an inventory schedule reflecting when each hand/sub-hand receipt holder must be present to inventory. NOTE: The schedule must be published well in advance of the inventory and closely coordinated to ensure that weapons, vehicles, sensitive items not on hand/sub-hand receipt and hand receipt items are accessible at the time indicated on the inventory schedule.

J. Publish pre-schedule make-up days. Check calendar and schedule around events. If not possible submit a request to suspend training [outgoing commander].

Before the Inventory

K. The change of command inventory will start jointly performing a property book to hand receipt inventory verifying that all items on the property book are on hand/sub-hand receipt, in locked storage under the commander’s direct control, or on valid requisition. This paper inventory includes verifying component lists of sets, kits and outfits (SKO). Missing components must also be on valid requisition. Requisition numbers for shortages items will be annotated on the applicable document registers and a copy of the requisition filed in the appropriate due in suspense file.

L. Verify items on job order outside the unit (i.e., 3rd shop/SMA-Maint). Do this either in person or at a minimum, telephonically. However verify serial number where applicable [Incoming/Outgoing Commander, Jointly].

Before the Inventory

M. Identify property that time or distance prohibits you from personally counting (i.e., deployments, remote exercises, etc.). You may have someone assist you in the inventory. However, you are responsible for the property.

N. Property discovered to be excess for which a valid requirement exists will be annotated with justification for retention. All other excess will be prepared for immediate redistribution/turn-in through supply channels as directed by the PBO.

O. Shortages of major end items, non-expendables components durable, and expendable not consumed through use, are to be identified. Determine responsibility surrounding shortages discovered and use of the adjustment methods discussed in AR 735-5.

Before the Inventory

P. Additional Authorization List (AAL)

Identify and decide what you want for your section. Usually, this is driven by geographical considerations and approved by your commander.

Q. Gather References. You will need the most current Technical Manual’s (TM’s), Supply Catalog’s (SC’s), and Supply Catalog Hand Receipt’s (SC-HR).



A. Inventory equipment by Line Item Number (LIN) to avoid swapping between sections.

B. Take away and maintain control of any broken items for Turn-In to supply. Do not make the end user sign for broken equipment.

C. Conduct joint changes of command inventory in accordance with published inventory schedule. Adjust hand/sub-hand receipts as they are inventoried against the property book and component lists. Have the hand receipt holders sign and date their hand/sub-hand receipts. [Incoming and Outgoing Commanders].


D. Use most current publications. In the event current publication are not on hand, the outgoing hand receipt holder will verify that required publications are on order. The incoming commander will inventory by the publication on hand, by preparing a component list of items on hand pending receipt of the most current publication. .

E. Record discrepancies and gather statement for inclusion in report of survey. Submit AAR’s as follow-up action to make corrections. Do this as discrepancies are identified.


F. Jointly inventory all MTOE property book items, including the inventory of all CTA 50-900 items stored in the supply room. Perform a serial numbered inventory of all the weapons, sensitive items, automotive and engineer equipment. In addition, jointly inventory all Real Property, Facilities, Furnishing Management, and Installation property.

G. Record discrepancies and gather statement for inclusion in report of survey. Submit AAR’s as follow-up action to make corrections. Do this as discrepancies are identified.

H. Check data plates for NSN, model, and size.


I. Check serial number: Record changes in serial number required on assigned equipment. Report discrepancies as they are identified.

J. Check serviceability

K. Do on-the-spot Statement of Charges (SC) and Cash Collection Vouchers (CCV). Update Component hand receipt as CCV and SC’s are done.

L. Do not accept hand receipts in-lieu-of actual equipment.


M. Requisition replacements for shortages.

Just because an item is requisitioned, that does not mean it is accounted for. Do not destroy Adjustment Documents until the item actually arrives and is signed down to the End User.

File a copy of each adjustment document with your copy of each hand receipt.

Verify Requisitions through the SSA’s Due Out register (RECON) or the Supply Room’s Due In register


– Expendable Consumable items are not accounted for on hand receipts.

– Other expendable Non-Consumable must be on hand or on order

Definitions and Considerations

Accounting Requirement Codes (ARC)

N= Non Expendable

D= Durable

X= Expendable


You must have a valid Property Adjustment Document for shortages with ARC N’s and D’s

These Adjustment documents are generated from Reports of Survey, Statements of Charges, Cash Collection Vouchers, Documents of Supply Constraint, or Turn In Documents. Each Shortage must have one of these attached.

AMDF Example

Accompanying Documents

Accompanying Documents

Conclusion of the Inventory

A. Prepare and submit requisition for all shortages reported on the change of command Report of Survey within existing funding constraints. Annotate document number of requisitions in pencil on the property book print out and hand receipts for non-expendable items or component lists where expendables were discovered. [Accomplished by Outgoing Commander prior to change of command].

B. Adjust all hand/sub-hand receipts by posting temporary hand receipts and making adjustment for items reported missing on statement of charges, Cash Collection Voucher or report of survey. [Outgoing Commander prior to the start of the change of command inventory].

Conclusion of the Inventory

C. Initiate any necessary Reports of Survey.

D. Review all notes and recorded discrepancies. Conduct follow-up action to insure all AAR’s are accepted and processed.

E. Follow-up action includes a review of the units SOP.

F. Assumption of Command orders must accompany signature cards to all accounts established by your unit.

G. Prepare final memorandum of inventory result in response the Battalion Commander’s directive. The Incoming Commander will include a statement verifying that all property has been sub-hand receipt to the person having supervisory responsibility and / or to the end user. This will be accomplished within two working days after completion. Include Report of Survey document number(s) and corresponding dollar amounts. [Accomplished by Incoming Commander].

Conclusion of the Inventory

H. Ensure the Supply Room orders replacement items that were short and includes adjustment documents justifying the order.

Failure to replace must be supported by a Document of Supply Constraint (DA 2062).

I. Follow up to see if requisitioned items are on next Due In list.

J. Turn in all excess items discovered during the inventory along with any broken items to supply. Ensure the Supply Clerk orders replacement items for the broken ones.

K. Sub-hand receipt all of your equipment to the sub-hand receipt holder


Before the Inventory


Conclusion of the Inventory


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