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Guillotine Choke

Attacks from the Guard Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques


Guillotine Choke. When you are attempting the arm bar, the enemy may try to counter by grasping you around the waist.

(1) Step 1. Release your grasp of his wrist and place your hand on the ground behind you. This allows you to move your hips back until you are sitting straight up.

Guillotine choke, step 1

(2) Step 2. Wrap your other hand around the enemy’s neck and under his chin. Grasp his chin with the hand that was on the ground. Both palms should be facing your body.

Guillotine choke, step 2

Guillotine choke, step 2 continued

(3) Step 3. Pull upward with both hands and finish the choke by leaning backwards and wrapping your legs around him, pull with your arms and push with your legs.

Guillotine choke, step 3

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