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Pass the Guard - Open Guard

Advanced Attacks Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques


When you are inside of the enemy’s guard, he has many options to attack you or reverse the positions. Therefore, you will need several possible techniques to pass.

Open Guard. Once you have opened the enemy’s guard, he may block your passing by controlling you with his legs. You must gain control of his legs before you can pass.

(1) Throw the Legs.

(a) Step 1. Grasp the enemy’s pant legs near the ankles with a firm grasp and stand up, pulling him slightly toward you.

Throw the legs, step 1

(b) Step 2. Swing both legs from side to side and then throw them forcefully to one side.

Throw the legs, step 2

(c) Step 3. Close the distance and gain control in either the side control or knee mount position.

Throw the legs, step 3

(2) Push the Knees.

(a) Step 1. Gain control of the enemy’s pant legs on top of each knee.

Push the knees, step 1

(b) Step 2. Step back and drive both knees downward.

Push the knees, step 2

(c) Step 3. While still holding the enemy’s knees down, jump forward with both legs into the mounted position.

Push the knees, step 3

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