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Ankle Grab/Knee Push

Attacks from the Guard Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques


Sweeps. When you have the enemy within your guard, he may provide the chance to reverse the positions.

Ankle Grab/Knee Push.

(a) Step 1. When the enemy stands up, maintain control with your arms and let your feet slide to his hips as in the previous move.

Ankle grab / knee push, step 1

(b) Step 2. If his weight gets too far back, let go with your arms and grasp both of his ankles. Push your knees upward causing him to fall backwards.

Ankle grab / knee push, step 2

Ankle grab / knee push, step 2 continued

(c) Step 3. Drive one of your knees to the ground and grasp the back of his neck with the other hand to pull yourself to the mount.

Ankle grab / knee push, step 3

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