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071-054-0002 (SL1) - Restore an M136 Launcher to Carrying Configuration

Standards: Restored the launcher to a safe carrying configuration without damaging the equipment.

Conditions: Given an M136 launcher (AT4) prepared for firing and the
requirement to restore the launcher to
carrying configuration.

Restored the launcher to a safe carrying
configuration without damaging the

Performance Steps

The launcher is prepared for immediate
firing but is not fired.

If the gunner remains in the
same position, he should-

Release the red safety
catch (this step applies only if the
firing sequence has proceeded to this

Return the cocking lever to
the SAFE (uncocked) position by
pushing it up and to the left, then
pulling it rearward and fold the
cocking lever down.

Keep the launcher pointed
at the target area, and remove the
launcher from his shoulder.

Replace the transport
safety pin, with the launcher cradled
in his left arm.

2.   If the gunner is to move to another position, in
addition to the steps shown above, he

Return the rear sight to
the battlesight setting of 200 meters,
fold down the front and rear sights,
and close the sight covers.

The rear sight
may be damaged if it is not returned
to a battlesight setting of 200
meters before closing the sight

Fold the shoulder stop and
snap it back into position.

Evaluation Preparation: 

Setup: At the test site, provide an expended AT4 or a tracer
trainer. The AT4 or tracer trainer is in the
ready to fire configuration.

Soldier: Tell the soldier to assume a
correct standing, ready-to-fire position
with the launcher. Once he has assumed the
firing position, tell him to return the
launcher to the carrying configuration.




Note. The performance measures are scored in sequence.



1.   Released the red safety catch.

2.   Returned the cocking lever to the SAFE position and
folded the cocking lever down.

3.   Removed the launcher from the shoulder and cradled
it with the left arm.

4.   Replaced the transport safety pin.

5.   Returned the rear sight to the battlesight setting.

6.   Folded and covered the sights.

7.   Folded the shoulder stop and snapped it in place.

Score the soldier GO if all
performance measures are passed. Score the
soldier NO GO if any performance measure is
failed. If the soldier scores NO GO, show
him what was done wrong and how to do it












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