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Protective Clothing


You will be provided with special clothing for cold-wet, cold-dry, and hot climate conditions. This clothing will help protect you from the weather, insects, and other effects. In addition to this special clothing, you will have a helmet and other accessories:

Helmet. Wear the helmet to protect yourself against artillery fire, grenades, and ricocheting bullets. You may wear the helmet over the cotton utility cap or over the poncho hood. Do not use the helmet as a seat, shovel, or hammer.

Chin Strap. The chin strap holds the helmet in place during rigorous activities. Place and center the chin strap on your chin, and adjust the tension until it feels comfortable. The chin strap should be cleaned with soap and warm water and air-dried.

Camouflage Cover. Attach the helmet camouflage cover by placing it over the helmet and tucking the cover flaps inside the helmet. The cover has slits for inserting twigs or foliage for additional camouflage.

Helmet and Accessories

Helmet Accessories. The helmet contains a suspension system of cotton webbing. You can adjust the webbing to the right height by adjusting the buckles. The webbing is attached to a leather-lined headband, which you can also adjust to fit your head.

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