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Desert Operations

» Desert Operations Study Guide

» Combat Service Support in Desert Operations
A unit's tactical effectiveness in the desert depends to a large degree on the combat service support available

» Preparations for Desert Operations
Well-trained troops and leaders can adapt quickly to the peculiar conditions of the new environment. If their individual and collective skills have been neglected, no amount of desert lore will remedy the situation

» Techniques for Operating Equipment In the Desert
The effects of the desert environment on equipment is described in chapter 1 of FM 90-3. This information below describes techniques which, if used while operating equipment in the desert, can save both equipment and lives.

» Water Usage in Desert Operations
FM 90-3 Appendix G Desert Operations

» Map of the Main Desert Areas of the World

» Operations in Mountains
FM 90-3 Appendix F Desert Operations

» Desert Concealment and Camouflage
FM 90-3 Appendix E Desert Operations