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Army messages relating to awards and decorations

Below are links to all Army messages relating to awards and decorations that have been dispatched since the fielding of the current military awards regulation

Index #


Operation/Area Subject DTG/Date REF #
146 Wartime Army-wide Wartime Awards to Members of Other U.S. Armed Forces - WARTIME 23 Sep 05 DMS
145 GWOTEM Army-wide Additions to the Designated Area of Eligibility for Award of the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOTEM) 23 Sep 05 DMS
144 Scuba Badge Army-wide Change to Army Scuba Diver Badge 20 Jul 05 HQDA Ltr 600-05-1
143 Peacetime Army-wide Delegation of Awards Approval Authority for Service and Achievement Awards to Members of Other U.S. Armed Forces - PEACETIME 18 Jul 05 DMS
142 Aviation Bdg GWOT Award of the Aviation Badge, AR 600-8-22 5 Jul 05 DMS
141 CAB GWOT Delegation of Combat Action Badge (CAB) Approval Authority 28 Jun 05 DMS
140 PH GWOT Purple Heart Revocation Authority 8 Jun 05 DMS
139 ARCAM Army-wide Award of the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal 8 Jun 05 DMS
138 CAB GWOT Superseded - Combat Action Badge (CAB) - Processing Procedures 3 Jun 05 DMS
137 Combat Badges GWOT Changes to the Combat Infantryman Badge and Combat Medical Badge and the establishment of the Combat Action Badge 3 Jun 05 HQDA Ltr 600-05-1
136 ACM/ICM OEF/OIF Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal -Implementing Instructions (CHANGE 1) 25 May 05 DMS
135 GWOTEM GWOT Changes to the designated AOE for award of the GWOTEM - CORRECTED COPY 11 Apr 05 DMS
134 AGCM Army-Wide Award of the Army Good Conduct Medal 8 Feb 05 DMS
133 SAPPER Tab Army-Wide SAPPER Tab - Establishment, Criteria, and Wear 27 SEP 04 HQDA Ltr 670-04-1
132 AFEM Army-Wide Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) for Operations in Southwest Asia. 21 SEP 04 HQDA Ltr 600-04-4
131 Wartime