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Skill Level 1

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» 181-105-1001 (SL1) - Comply with the Law of War and the Geneva and Hague Conventions
Standards: The soldier identified, understood, and complied with the Law of War. Identified problems or situations that violate the policies and took appropriate action, including notifying appropriate authorities, so expedient action could be taken to correct the problem or situation.

» 191-376-4114 (SL1) - Control Entry to and Exit from a Restricted Area
Standards: Prevent unauthorized personnel, packages, and/or vehicles from entering or leaving the restricted area.

» 191-376-4121 (SL1) - Use a Riot Baton
Standards: Perform all necessary steps to use the riot baton properly and position yourself to defend against individuals in a crowd. Observe all safety precautions.

» 191-376-4122 (SL1) - Position Yourself in Riot Control Formations
Standards: Position yourself in a formation, as directed by the squad or platoon leader to control the crowd effectively.

» 224-176-1425 (SL1) - Interact with News Media
Standards: Identified the principles of interacting with the media.

» 301-371-1000 (SL1) - Report Intelligence Information
Standards: Submitted observations in a spot report, using the SALUTE format, to your chain of command, within five minutes of observing enemy activity. You correctly identified six out of six SALUTE items.

» 301-371-1050 (SL1) - Implement Operations Security (OPSEC) Measures
Standards: Implemented OPSEC measures based on unit indicators and vulnerabilities; protected unit essential elements of friendly information against threat collection efforts and prevented compromise.

» 331-202-1049 (SL1) - Comply with the Requirements of the Code of Conduct
Standards: Acted in accordance with the standards represented in Articles l through VI of the Code of Conduct.

» 551-88M-0005 (SL1) - Operate a Vehicle in a Convoy
Standards: Operated the vehicle according to specific instructions from the convoy or march unit commander. Correctly reacted to, and relayed, all hand signals, and followed all highway warning and regulatory signs according to FM 21-305.

» 805C-PAD-1245 (SL1) - Support Unit and Family Readiness Through the Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program
Standards: Your family was prepared for your separation during deployments and aware of unit and installation programs that could provide assistance.

» 805C-PAD-1391 (SL1) - Comply With the Army's Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Policies
Standards: Complied with the Army's EO and sexual harassment policies. Acted in accordance with the Army's EO and sexual harassment policies, took actions to maintain an environment free from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment, and reported behaviors that violate the EO and sexual harassment policies.

» Land Nav Task 1 - Select a Movement Route Using a Map
Standards: Selected a route with the following characteristics: 1. Took advantage of maximum cover and concealment. 2. Ensured observation and field of fire for the overwatch or fire support elements. 3. Allowed positive control of all elements. 4. Accomplished the mission quickly without unnecessary or prolonged exposure to enemy fire.

» Land Nav Task 2 - Identify Topographic Symbols on a Military Map
Standards: Identified topographic symbols, colors, and marginal information on a military map with 100 percent accuracy.

» Land Nav Task 3 - Identify Terrain Features on a Map
Standards: Identified the five major and three minor features on the map.

» Land Nav Task 4 - Determine the Grid Coordinates of a Point on a Military Map
Standards: Determined the six-digit grid coordinates for the point on the map with a 100-meter tolerance. Recorded the grid coordinates with the correct two-letter 100,000-meter-square identifier.

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