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071-410-0012 (SL3) - Conduct Occupation of an Assembly Area

Standards: Moved unit to the location specified in the company order. Ensured preparation of the assigned sector was completed in the time specified in the order. Positioned elements, weapons, and observation posts in a manner that supported the company plan for occupation of the assembly area.

You are a platoon-size unit leader, given a
company commander’s order to occupy a
specific sector of a company assembly area
and a map of the operational area.

Moved unit to the location specified in the
company order. Ensured preparation of the
assigned sector was completed in the time
specified in the order. Positioned elements,
weapons, and observation posts in a manner
that supported the company plan for
occupation of the assembly area.


1.   Conduct preparation for occupation of the assembly
area (AA).

Perform the required
troop-leading procedures (a series
of eight interrelated, overlapping
processes that are often
accomplished concurrently and do not
follow a rigid sequence). Use the
procedures as outlined, if only in
abbreviated form, to ensure that
nothing is left out of planning and
preparation and that soldiers
understand the mission and prepare

Receive the mission and
the company OPORD.

Issue the warning order
to subordinate leaders. Include
location, special equipment
required, and the earliest time
for movement.

(3)  Make a tentative
plan for moving to the position
and preparing the position based
on the estimate of the situation
and an analysis of METT-TC. Your
plan must support the company plan
for occupation of the AA.

Start necessary
movement. Movement may need to
begin while you are still
planning. This step could occur at
any time during the troop-leading

Reconnoiter the
position and the route(s) to it.
This may not be possible due to
the situation. As a minimum,
conduct a map reconnaissance to
confirm or deny assumptions made
during the estimate of the

Complete the plan.

Issue the order to
subordinate leaders. Use the
standard OPORD format. As a
minimum, the order should


Mission and purpose
for occupation of the AA.

Each squad position
(left, right, center) in the
platoon sector.

Security plan
(passwords, observation posts,
percent of personnel on alert).

Times for movement or
occupation of the AA.

Other pertinent
information such as location of
the command post, waste
disposal, and environmental

Supervise continuously.

Make necessary
coordination with elements that will
be attached or adjacent to your
position in the AA.

Provide platoon
representatives for company
quartering party as required.
Instruct them to perform the
following tasks or other tasks, as

Reconnoiter the AA to
ensure it is clear of enemy.

Establish initial

Select initial
positions for all platoon

Identify, clear, or
mark obstacles in the platoon
sector of the AA.

2.   Direct platoon
movement to designated platoon release
point. Use appropriate movement
techniques based on the terrain and
the situation.

3.   Prepare your sector of the AA in accordance with
the company plan.

Link up with guides and
move the platoon to its initial

Establish and maintain
local security.

Assign squad sectors.
Ensure sectors are mutually
supporting and that all gaps are
covered by fire and observation.

Designate observation
post(s) locations and the elements
responsible for establishing and
maintaining them.

Ensure communication is
established within the platoon and

Submit timely progress
reports to company headquarters.

Establish and enforce
priority of work. The following is
an example of work priority and may
vary based on unit SOP, mission, or

Position vehicles,
crew-served weapons, and
chemical-agent alarms, and
designate PDF, FPL, and FPF.

Construct fighting

Set up wire

Prepare range cards.

Distribute ammunition,
rations, water, supplies, and
special equipment.

Conduct preventive
maintenance checks and services on

Inspect personnel and

Rehearse critical
aspects of the upcoming mission.

Test small arms (if
situation permits).

Conduct personal hygiene and
field sanitation.

Institute a rest plan.

Coordinate with adjacent
units and others, as required.

Coordinate for security
patrols (if applicable).

responsibility for overlapping
enemy avenues of approach between
adjacent units.

Ensure there are no
gaps between elements.

Exchange information on
OP locations and unit signals.

Coordinate for local

Complete and forward a
copy of the platoon sector sketch
to company headquarters.


Setup: This
task should be evaluated during a field
training exercise. Otherwise, assign an
assembly area to be occupied and a
quartering party that has accomplished its
tasks according to the company and platoon

Issue an OPORD for an operation
requiring the occupation of an assembly




1.   Conducted preparations for occupation of the AA.

2.   Directed platoon movement to designated release
point. Used appropriate movement
technique based on terrain and

3.   Prepared assigned sector of AA in accordance with
company plan.

Score the soldier GO if all
performance measures are passed. Score the
soldier NO GO if any performance measure is
failed. If the soldier fails any performance
measure, show what was done wrong and how to
do it correctly.














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