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Skill Level 1

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» 071-312-4025 (SL1) - Maintain an M249 Machine Gun
Standards: Cleaned and lubricated the M249 machine gun; inspected parts; and turned in unserviceable parts. Assembled the gun and ensured it was operational. Cleaned and inspected linked 5.56-mm ammunition for serviceability. Turned in unserviceable ammunition.

» 071-312-4028 (SL1) - Unload an M249 Machine Gun
Standards: Removed all ammunition, expanded brass, links, and the magazine from the weapon.

» 071-313-3454 (SL1) - Engage Targets with a Caliber .50 M2 Machine Gun
Standards: Fired the caliber .50 machine gun to engage targets in your assigned sector of fire. Applied the correct target-engagement techniques so the entire target was covered with fire.

» 071-315-2308 (SL1) - Engage Targets with an M16-Series Rifle Using a Night Vision Sight AN/PVS-4
Standards: Fired all 18 rounds and hit the targets at least nine times. At least five rounds hit the 150-meter target; at least two rounds hit the 50- to 100-meter target, and at least two rounds hit the 200- to 250-meter target.

» 071-325-4401 (SL1) - Perform Safety Checks on Hand Grenades
Standards: Inspected the grenade for defects; identified and corrected defects, if possible. Reported and turned in grenades that had defects you could not correct. Identified each grenade by type and correctly attached grenades to ammunition pouch.

» 071-325-4407 (SL1) - Employ Hand Grenades
Standards: Threw the hand grenade to hit the target, prevented endangering yourself for more than five seconds.

» 071-325-4425 (SL1) - Employ an M18A1 Claymore Mine
Standards: 1. Conducted a circuit test of the firing device with the blasting cap secured under a sandbag. 2. Installed the M18A1 Claymore mine so- a. The front of the mine was centered on a kill zone. b. The firing device was 16 meters to the rear or side of the emplaced mine and fired from a covered position. c. The mine, firing wire, and firing device were camouflaged. d. The installation was confirmed by conducting a final circuit test. 3. Fired the mine by actuating the firing device handle with a firm, quick squeeze when the target was in the kill zone.

» 071-326-0502 (SL1) - Move Under Direct Fire
Standards: Moved to within 100 meters of the enemy position, using the correct individual tactical fire and movement techniques dictated by terrain features. Coordinated movement with team members and provided covering fire for each member.

» 071-326-0503 (SL1) - Move Over, Through, or Around Obstacles (Except Minefields)
Standards: Approached within 100 meters of a suspected enemy position over a specified route. Negotiated each obstacle within the time designated while retaining all equipment without becoming a casualty to a booby trap or early warning device.

» 071-326-0510 (SL1) - React to Indirect Fire While Dismounted
Standards: Reacted to each situation by shouting "Incoming," followed the leader's directions, if available. Took or maintained cover.

» 071-326-0511 (SL1) - React to Flares
Standards: Reacted to a ground or an overhead flare without being seen by the enemy or losing night vision.

» 071-326-0513 (SL1) - Select Temporary Fighting Positions
Standards: Selected a firing position that protected you from enemy observation and fire, and allowed you to place effective fire on enemy positions without exposing most of your head and body.

» 071-326-3002 (SL1) - React to Indirect Fire While Mounted
Standards: Reacted to indirect fire by moving the vehicle from the impact area, then continued the mission.

» 071-326-5703 (SL1) - Construct Individual Fighting Positions
Standards: Constructed a hasty fighting position that gave frontal cover from enemy direct fire but allowed you to fire to the front and oblique. Constructed a one-man fighting position with the following characteristics: · Wide enough for you and your equipment. · Armpit deep with frontal and overhead cover at least 18 inches deep. · Had grenade sumps and a floor sloped toward the sumps. · Allowed you to place fire on your assigned sector.

» 071-329-1006 (SL1) - Navigate from One Point on the Ground to Another Point While Dismounted
Standards: Moved on foot to designated points at a rate of 3,000 meters per hour.

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