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Multi-Sensor Operator (98P)

Computers and Technology Army MOS Information
  • Enlisted
  • Active Duty

Learning what foreign governments and forces are involved in helps our military experts' better plan our nation's defense. That's where a Multi Sensor Operator is most valuable. They perform and supervise the detection, acquisition, identification, exploitation and location of static and dynamic target sources using signals intelligence/electronic warfare (SIGINT/EW) collection, direction finding, and ground surveillance systems.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Operating and performing maintenance on ground surveillance systems, organic communications equipment, light wheeled vehicles, and power sources.
  • Operating SIGINT/EW and Ground Surveillance equipment to detect, acquire, identify, locate, and exploit target communication and non-communication signals.
  • Processing and reporting of intercepted signals.
  • Assisting in emplacement, camouflage, and recovery of ground surveillance systems and associated equipment.
  • Detecting, locating and reporting target data by interpreting ground surveillance system information.


Job training for a Multi Sensor Operator requires 9 weeks of Basic Training, where you learn basic Soldiering skills. Then you will attend Advanced Individual Training that consists of 18 weeks of classroom training, including practice in operating sensor equipment.

Helpful Skills:

Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in working with electronic equipment
  • Interest in finding clues that help answer questions
  • Ability to remain alert while doing repetitive tasks
  • A long attention span