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Bridge Crewmember (21C)

Construction and Engineering Army MOS Information
  • Enlisted
  • Active Duty
  • Army Reserve

Having a combination of combat ability and building skill is necessary when it comes to tackling rough terrain in combat situations. Bridge Crewmembers primarily serve or assist as a member of a team. The most important aspect of the Bridge Crewmember's job is to build and provide bridges and rafts for wet and dry gap-crossing operations.

Some of your duties as a Bridge Crewmember may include:

  • Operating bridge truck and light vehicles
  • Preparing bridge sites
  • Assisting in rafting operations
  • Launching or retrieving ribbon bridge bays
  • Assisting in the assembly of military bridges
  • Participating in combat operations


Bridge Crewmembers must meet very demanding physical requirements. Agility, balance and the ability to perform strenuous physical activities over long periods of time are a necessity.


Job training for Bridge Crewmembers consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and six weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Your on-the-job training primarily consists of manual work in a variety of construction projects that cover the following:

  • Basic construction methods
  • Basic engineering principles
  • Bridge building
  • Road maintenance and repair
  • Rough carpentry and rigging
  • Use of hand and power tools

Helpful Skills:

Helpful attributes include:

  • Ability to use hand and power tools
  • Interest in construction and working with your hands
  • Ability to think and remain calm under stress
  • Interest in engineering
  • Preference for working outdoors

Advanced Responsibilities:

Advanced level Bridge Crewmembers supervise and train other Soldiers. As an advanced Bridge Crewmember, you may be involved in:

  • Directing construction of fighting positions and wire entanglements
  • Employing M-180 demolition charges
  • Conducting engineer reconnaissance
  • Directing crewmembers in the assembly and maintenance of fixed bridges
  • Directing crew in the assembly of raft and float bridges
  • Operating or supervising the use of bridge boats